Clay Imports Ceramic

Tamale Tray by De Nada Cantina


    Chef Nick Barrera

    Length: 9 1/2"

    Width: 7 3/4"

    Height: 1 1/4"



    Total pcs


    Total sq.ft.

    Length: 9 1/2" Width: 2 1/2" Height: 1 1/4"
    Handmade from scratch in 8 weeks + transit time.

    Tamale Tray by De Nada Cantina

    From the time he can remember Chef Nick Barrera grew up spending all of his time in his abuela’s kitchen. Raised in the flavors and smells of Mexican cooking, Barrera has a natural affinity for authentic cuisine. He began his career working in restaurants, but quickly evolved into developing recipes and kitchen management skills in order to serve quality Mexican food to the masses. Chef Barrera currently serves as “2 Dine 4” Hospitality Group’s Executive Chef serving private parties, public functions and collaborating in recipe development for all of our restaurants and venues, including De Nada Cantina, the best taco spot in East Austin.