3 Piece Dinner Set

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3 Piece Dinner Set | In Stock - Ships within 3-5 days

  • 1 Dinner Plate (9.5”)
  • 1 Snack Plate (8.5”)
  • 1 Everything Bowl (5.5”)
Color - Dinner Plate (9.5”):
Color - Snack Plate (8.5”):
Color - Everything Bowl (5.5”):


Unique, fine handcrafted ceramic pieces made from reclaimed clay and glazes contributing to sustainability and reducing production waste.

3 Piece Dinner Set

Not a morning person? The Dinner Set is made for you, featuring our three primary standard Chef Series products to perfectly pair with your favorite meal.


Poco x Clay ceramics should never be in direct contact with fire. They can be used in conventional ovens at no higher than 340 degrees Fahrenheit. However, heat application should be gradual. Sudden changes in temperature can cause breakage.

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