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Everything Bowl


    For the last twelve years, Chef Kati Luedecke has been cooking her way through the Austin food scene. During the Covid lockdown, she decided to step away from her food truck and catering company to focus on her business: Neighbor's Dog Park & Coffee Shop. Kati is always down for BBQ, no matter what country she’s in. The dish that was created for the Chef Series was inspired by her travels over the last few years. It’s a take on a personal favorite that she created for the first restaurant she worked in Austin.

    Lead time: 8 weeks for production + 2 weeks for transit

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    OVERALL 5.5”

      Total pcs


      Total sq.ft.

      Diameter: 5.5" Height: 2.5"
      Handmade from scratch in 8 weeks + transit time.

      Everything Bowl

      The Everything Bowl is made for well ... just about everything, this bowl features a slight tapered edge and exposed clay rim and base for a fresh contemporary design.