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Meet our most natural product yet

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Clay, water and fire. That’s all the ingredients it takes to make our new sun-dried Organic terracotta tile. At Clay Imports we strive to bring sustainable products you’ll love into your home. That’s why we developed our most down to earth, and humble terracotta tile yet. The Organic terracotta tile sports a handmade, lived-in, distressed look that's perfect for those who deeply appreciate the natural patina of handcrafted tile.

The Organic terracotta 12”x12” is produced in Guanajuato, Mexico and has been commonly used in the city of San Miguel De Allende in its most renowned and historic buildings for decades. It’s guaranteed that you’ll come across this iconic flooring in the UNESCO World Heritage town. 

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To maintain Organic terracotta tile’s natural composition and desirable, matte, raw look, we DO NOT provide this tile pre-sealed. Every piece of Organic terracotta tile will arrive unsealed out of the box. However, to extend the lifetime of your terracotta floor we recommend sealing the tile with a non-toxic, non-VOC sealer we sell in our store.

We also recommend taking a look at our Clay Care products. These maintenance items have been carefully tested with our products, and they are designed to preserve your tiles' beauty, ensuring their longevity and durability. From sealers to cleaners, purchasing these maintenance items together with your tiles not only simplifies your order but also prepares you to enjoy your tiles for a long time.

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What's different between Saltillo and Organic Terracotta?

Handmade tiles exhibit natural variations, which are inherent traits of natural materials like Terracotta. These variations in color, texture and sheen are not defects but rather a natural part of the product. We highly recommend ordering samples before making a final purchase to confirm and appreciate these natural variations in each tile.

Sealer Application

While similar in size and thickness, every piece of our Saltillo tile comes with a durable solvent based sealer that is applied at the factory.  Sealed Saltillo tiles are common throughout Mexico and the U.S. Southwest. They are also beloved in the mid-century modern design community nationwide. Organic Terracotta tiles are unsealed, to keep the raw, earthy look. Fans of natural tile will fall in love with this product.  

Solvent based presealed tile contains VOC – volatile organic composition. VOC refers to chemicals found in many products used to build and maintain homes – such as Saltillo tile. While it is currently impossible to build without any VOCs, at Clay Imports we are committed to lowering VOC levels in our products. Starting with Organic Terracotta, a zero VOC tile upon purchase. However, not having sealer means it is highly susceptible to moisture absorption. We highly recommend having a protective sealer coating on your tile floor. In order to maintain the signature organic look and feel, we have an ultra low VOC tile sealer available to purchase from our store here.

We made an easy-to-follow guide for how to seal your Organic Terracotta.
Click here to find the guide

We also have a complete line of products for the maintenance of your natural terracota tiles in our Clay Care page

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Many of you are familiar with Saltillo tile’s classic gold and amber hues that make it so lovely. Organic terracotta has a slightly different shade of leather and honey blush. The same natural clay aesthetic you have come to love but in a new distinctive tone.

Organic terracotta tiles with oranges in the corner clay imports

Similar Grout Spacing

We recommend a grout joint of at least half an inch and up to ¾ inch for both Saltillo tile and Organic tile


Like most terracotta tile, it will naturally transform and age with time like fine wine. Expect patina to be similar to terracotta floors found in courtyards, haciendas, and terraces in San Miguel de Allende that have been there for decades. There more exposure and foot traffic will accelerate the progression of patina. If you prefer not to have your terracotta patina, while not entirely avoidable, you can slow down the process with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Terracotta floor with aged patina

Terracotta floors develop an aged patina over time

We hope you enjoyed this blog. The Organic Terracotta tile is ready to ship from our website and store. As always, if you have any questions email us at!