Organic Terracotta 12"x12"

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    Want to Sample? Order 2-4 pieces to understand the variation of handmade tile. Samples of Organic Terracotta are 6”x6”.

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    • Size: 12"x12"
    • Thickness: 3/4"
    • Finish: Unsealed
    • Texture: Smooth
    • 1 sq.ft : 1 pc
    • Variation: V3 (Moderate Variation)
    • Recommended Sealer: Ultra-Low VOC Sealer
    • Installation Guide: Organic Terracotta is an unsealed product that requires sealing. Please read the sealing guide here.

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    Our Most Eco-Friendly Handmade Tile

    The Organic terracotta tile sports a handmade, lived-in, distressed look for those who deeply appreciate the natural patina of handcrafted tile.


    Most are familiar are familiar with Saltillo tile's gold and amber hues that pair perfectly with almost any design style. Organic terracotta has a slightly consistent shade of orange, with more saturated honey tones. The same natural clay aesthetic you've come to love but in a different distinctive tone.

    This tile has a smooth texture, but has distinctive "imperfections" such as minor chipping, small hairline cracks, and distressing. Organic terracotta is our most varied tile and will naturally develop a patina with deepened color variation over time.


    Patina of natural materials creates a stunning and unique visual effect over time. The weathering and aging can produce an array of colors and textures that are appealing to the eye. This natural process highlights authenticity and adds depth - making it more interesting and serving as a reminder of the history and passage of time. A natural patina is a beautiful characteristic that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the design.

    In these examples, each installation of Organic terracotta has been treated and worn differently over time. The richer colored tiles have been oiled and sealed to minimize the patina, whereas the lighter installations have been left untreated to wear naturally. There is no final look, as it is both up to how it is treated or sealed and the natural wear over time. Keep in mind some post installation factors that are also characteristic of these tiles.


    V3 MODERATE VARIATION: Notable variations in texture and color within the same batch of tile make for an attractive, handcrafted aesthetic


    Organic Terracotta comes unsealed, resulting in a more demanding installation process. We recommend using a professional installer who is familiar with unsealed terracotta. It is HIGHLY recommended to seal Organic Terracotta tiles before and after installation using our Ultra Low VOC sealer.


    First, figure out what style you’re trying to bring to the room.

    For a more “traditional” installation:

    For a more modern, sleeker look:


    Grout joint spacing can vary from 1/4” to 3/4”; narrower joints generally produce a more modern aesthetic, while larger joint widths are suited for larger tile sizes creating a traditional look.


    Organic Terracotta Coping | Commonly used for steps, stairs and overhang

    Miter Cut | With miter cuts, you can conveniently create 45-degree angles for corners, niches, and edges, or cut down and miter standard pieces to a create custom trim.

    Grout, Paint or Caulk | Easily apply grout, paint, or caulk for a neatly finished edge.


    Our Organic Terracotta tile is renowned for its natural variation in color, sheen, and texture — this contributes to its characteristically unique and authentic charm. Each tile may have varying body flatness, which requires more expertise during installation. Before installation, blend the tiles together and remember: sealing is a critical step when installing Organic Terracotta tile.


    Maintenance Guide

    Installation Guide
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    Organic Terracotta tile can be installed in a variety of areas. For climates with freezing weather and exterior, wet area installations, proper installation such as specialized waterproofing (water barrier underlayment), a topcoat sealer, and maintenance are required.*

    Interior Flooring
    (Patina expected)


    Bathroom | Wet Area*
    (Patina expected)

    Entry | Mudroom
    (Patina expected)

    Fireplace Surround | Firebox

    Stair Tread | Risers
    (Patina expected)

    Bar | Island

    Exterior Applications*

    Commercial Applications
    (Patina expected)

    Commercial Kitchens

    Freezing Conditions*