San Felipe Smooth Gloss 12"

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    *We highly recommend adding 15%-20% overage to account for tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs.

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    Want to Sample? Order 2-4 pieces to understand the variation of handmade tile. Botón de información

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    • Size: 12"
    • 1 sq.ft.: 2 pcs
    • Thickness: 3/4"
    • Material: Terracotta
    • Finish: Gloss Sealed
    • Texture: Smooth
    • Variation: V3

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    • Backsplash
    • Fireplace Surround | Firebox
    • Barface | Island
    • Indoor applications, such as floors, walls and ceilings
    • Entry
    • Laundry
    • Mudroom
    • Commercial Applications
    • Exterior | Requires waterproofing, sealing and maintenance


    • Harsh or frequent freezing conditions
    • Commercial kitchens

    MADE exclusively IN Saltillo, Mexico.

    Terracotta Saltillo tiles are composed of all-natural clay, formed and finished entirely by hand.



    Look for unique surface variations and textures, as these are telltale signs of genuine handmade tiles. These beautiful characteristics are exclusive to authentic tiles, like ours.

    It is normal to find natural indentations, bumps, divots, scuffs, and variations on the surface. Excess clay or minor chips may be present on the surface, edges, or back of the tile. Irregular marks or lines that resemble fold marks may be present, all of which are common characteristics of authentic, handmade terracotta tile.



    An array of shades -- from rustic terracotta to rich ochre to creamy butterscotch -- all with a luxe, glossy finish. Colors differ from piece to piece. Natural color variations emerge during the firing process, which creates a range of colors that cannot be controlled.

    The choice of sealer will impact the final color outcome. The size and shape of the pieces can influence the degree of color variation, with larger pieces showcasing more diversity compared to smaller ones.


    gloss sealed

    Gloss pre-sealed terracotta is the most traditional, and durable Saltillo sealer option. Gloss Sealed tiles are coated with 3 layers of acrylic sealer, providing protection against staining and moisture; however, light scratches from everyday use may occur.

    For optimal longevity, we recommend sealing with Polish Top Coat (gloss sealant) or Ultra Low VOC Sealant (satin sealant).


    V3 MODERATE VARIATION: Notable variations in size (sizing is nominal), texture, flatness and some coloration. Noticeable variations contribute to the handmade authenticity.

    Variation ratings provide a general indication of the range of variation, but batches may differ in more or less consistency. It is not possible to choose a specific high or low range of variation.


    First, figure out what style you’re trying to bring to the room.

    For a more “traditional” installation:

    For a more modern, sleeker look:


    1/4" to 3/4"

    Narrower joints, generally used on tiles 6" and below, create a more modern aesthetic, while larger joint widths are suited for larger tile sizes creating a traditional look.

    An additional deviation of ± 3/8"in size is considered acceptable for joint straightness and variation of flatness.

    Smaller grout joints may result in variations in the straightness of the grout joint, so we recommend consulting a skilled installation expert to increase the probability of a successful installation.


    Bullnose | Versatile transition piece that can be used on floors or walls. Featuring a rounded bullnose edge that creates a smooth transition between surfaces.

    Coping | Perfect solution for finishing off your stairs. Its smooth, curved design adds a polished look.

    Miter Cut | With miter cuts, you can conveniently create 45-degree angles for corners, niches, and edges, or cut down and miter standard pieces to a create custom trim.

    Exposed Edge | Embrace the natural elements and leave the edge unfinished