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Here at Clay Imports, we strive to bring you the world’s best quality clay tiles and architectural products. We put a lot of effort and heart into everything we do. And what if we told you that we also make more than just tiles? From furniture to planters, the handmade goods that Clay Imports offer are the perfect complement to your indoor and outdoor designs. So, let’s take a look at all the clay goods we offer.

Handmade Clay Planters
Handmade Equipales
Poco Clay Ceramics
Clay Handmade Goods
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Handmade Clay Planters

If you think of a planter, chances are you will think of a clay cylinder. Clay Imports planters are terracotta planters inspired by Oaxaca, a city full of history and the magic that Mexico has to offer. Its simple shape is graceful and clean and doesn’t have an inner coat; this will ensure that the natural clay can share its mineral in the soil inside, making your plant live strong and green.

Natural Terracotta planters by Clay Imports

Terracotta planters in various sizes at Canopy Austin

The Oaxaca Cylinder planter is designed to feel minimal and humble. The planter is suitable  for both indoor and outdoor use. Since these products are made from natural clay, it is possible that they may have some natural imperfections: these are what make them unique and perfect for those who appreciate the charm of handmade materials.

Handmade Equipales

Real leather Mexican equipales

Often referred to as Mexican furniture, the word “Equipal'' comes from the nahuatl word for “seat” and they were designed by skilled artisans of the Aztec Empire to build a piece of furniture suitable for emperors and high officials. The tradition of equipale furniture is over 600 years old and their craftsmanship has been passed down generations ever since.

Here at Clay Imports we strive to maintain the traditional design of equipale furniture while considering sustainability and durability. Our modern equipales are made with the same materials and techniques from the 1500’s: a Rosewood frame with a real leather seat filled with a crushed agave fibers cushion and 100% handcrafted. Our real leather equipales are a fine testament of what craftsmanship really means and are the perfect compliment for your living room or dining room.

Nevertheless, we understand how real leather can be a no deal for various people. Fortunately, we offer a vegan leather option. Santa Fe and Sonora chairs, our vegan equipales, feature a stain and weather-resistant upholstery and a durable deck sealant applied to the rosewood frame, making them ideal for indoor and especially outdoor usage.

Real leather for Mexican Equipales

Color and material options for all Clay Imports equipales

Whether you are looking for a comfortable chair, a rustic table, or a unique piece of decor, the Mexican equipales from Clay Imports are a unique and beautiful piece of furniture and the perfect option for anyone looking to add a touch of rustic charm to their home. You can look at our equipale catalog by clicking here.

Poco Clay Ceramics

Clay Kitchenware by Clay Imports

The best clay kitchenware for all your meals

As a Mexican-American business, we understand the importance of having dinner with your family. That’s why we decided to partner with talented chefs and food related professionals to bring you Poco x Clay ceramics. All our ceramics are handcrafted in Guanajuato, Mexico and are a celebration of what Mexican cuisine is all about.

Our clay kitchenware can be categorized into two groups: Poco x Ceramics are essential items for every kitchen. From everyday sets to beautiful dinner plates, this collection is a must if you want to revitalize your kitchen.

Clay kitchenware by Clay Imports

All our kitchen ceramics are available in yellow, blue, black and white

Meanwhile, our chef series tableware is one of the most exciting collaborations we have done. These seven items are designed by chefs and food professionals in our locality and are designed not only to solve all your needs in your kitchen, but also to elevate the presentation of all your meals and dishes. You can confirm this statement by taking a look at our Comida with Poco x Clay ceramics recipes where you’ll see not only how these items look on your table, but also will learn how to prepare the most popular Mexican dishes. Provecho!

Clay kitchenware by Clay ImportsClay Handmade Goods

Clay House numbers by Clay Imports

Finally, we have a series of items that can improve your overall design. We offer house numbers, which are also available through Mod Mettle, a daughter/father duo who are experts in building beautiful signs for your home.

We also offer incense burners, so you can have a fantastic mood in every room without worrying about incense ash and cara face planters, ideal for indoors and room shelves. Our incense burners, which are 5” in diameter,  are formed individually through the slip casting technique and fired without glaze for a perfect matte natural clay finish.

Clay incense burner by Clay Imports

All our clay incense burners are clay natural colored

Lastly, our cara face planters are a beautiful item for any space. Available in black or white, they can be used as planters for any small indoor plant, or you can use them on their own, as a simple yet elegant decorative piece. Keep in mind that these planters do not have a drainage hole on the bottom, so try adding rocks to the bottom for added drainage, or check out your local nursery.

Cara Face Planters by Clay Imports

Cara face planters

Find your natural clay home goods today

As you can see, we are not only experts on clay tiles, but we also are developing more and more decor options for your home. Clay is a fantastic material and one of the best options if you want an item that can last for many years. We are striving to keep making high quality pieces, so make sure to always keep a look at our handmade goods collection to find your next favorite clay good. And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, reach out to us at