Bathroom makeover with our Clay Imports Bundle

Small spaces - big impact

By Clay Imports

Arnelle and Emil Lozada are the hosts of ATX Oasis:  an Austin Airbnb, which is the culmination of their hobby of collecting home goods from all the places they have visited. This new project was a white canvas and is now infused with the couple’s own style - and our tile bundles! We couldn’t be more excited to be part of their beautiful guesthouse and we’re convinced the way they used our tile bundles will inspire you for your next renewal.

What is a tile bundle?

Shower niche for a modern bathroom design
Bundles are a quick and economical way to create a stunning handmade effect with a small amount of tile. Clay Imports Bundles consist of tiles that don’t have an abundant inventory. This way, we can offer a smaller batch with unique designs that are more accessible than our regular tiles. But there’s a catch: once a bundle is sold out, it won't be restocked!

Choosing to buy a Clay Imports Bundle ensures you that the designs and styles you get will be unquestionably yours, because no one else will have the same design. As all our products, Clay Imports Bundles are available online only and they can be shipped internationally. For more information, you can take a look at our FAQ section.

Bundles are the perfect opportunity to discover how others innovatively used a small quantity of tile to create a huge impact, just as Arnelle did with her ATX Oasis home. We’ll show you the results, but keep in mind that the tiles featured might not be available on our online store. But there are many more tile options available for your project; we recommend bookmarking our bundle page as bundles are added frequently!
Window sills with tiles

The tiles in ATX Oasis

With a new house ready to be decorated, Arnelle and Emil approached us to find a tile for their kitchen bar front. Arnelle finally found her match with our Relief Peonia, a delicate and neutral handcrafted relief pattern tile that can elevate any kitchen. The result was so satisfying they decided to keep using our products! After looking through our collections, they decided to use their unique style by choosing from our Bundles.


They found our Atomic Vocho 8” tile and decided to use it in their window sills. As you can see in their instagram reel below, many of our tiles are really easy to work with and are completely DIY friendly. The result is a space full of light and a new dimension to decorate your spaces. Just be aware if you have pets, because they probably will never want to leave your cozy window sills!


But if there’s a highlight for the tile work present in the ATX Oasis that definitely takes all the spotlight, it's the patchwork shower. Arnelle found inspiration from Kelly Wreastler’s Austin Proper Hotel patchwork design. She mixed terracotta tiles with fun patterns featuring blue hues to create this fun and incredible shower wall. The result is a rich space with a lot of character and texture that will be a topic of conversation by anyone who is lucky enough to see and enjoy it.


Find your favorite tile with our Bundles

Shower niche for a modern bathroom design

The unique pieces of our Clay Imports bundles are the perfect choice if you want to achieve an astonishing look. You can book a reservation to ATX Oasis today, so you can see the tiles on your own -or just to take a break for daily life! And you can always find new pieces in our bundle collection in our online store. Finally, if you have any questions or require more information, reach out to us at

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