Live Fire Event with Poco x Clay

The joy of having great collaborators

By Clay Imports

We love a good collaboration, it doesn't matter if it’s for a work project or a good meal! On this occasion, we had the chance to co-host the Live Fire event, a great food showcase featuring the Keveri H1, an outstanding multipurpose charcoal oven by Chile-based Keveri Grills. Moontower, Cross Cabin, Bottega and Clay Imports joined forces to make this event possible and in this article, you’ll know who we collaborated with and the result of this exciting event.

Nick Barreiro CEO of Clay Imports
Nick Barreiro, CEO of Clay Imports | Photo by Roger Ho

The Interior Designers

Inside the Cabin Cross

Photo by Roger Ho

Moontower has a very clear motto: everyone deserves to live in a house that feels like home. Thats why, since 2009, Moontower design & build brings passion to everything design related. 

All of their projects are the result of deep research and a heavily thought out design process considering all the needs of their customers. We had the chance to confirm this dedication at the venue for this event. Cross cabin is a zero carbon structure built to answer what happens if the climate is put first when designing a home. The result was so satisfying it started the sister project Cross Cabin Build & Supply: a construction company that specializes in building with the most positive and eco-friendly result possible.

We couldn’t ask for a better venue for this event and we’ll be looking forward to all projects Moontower and Cross Cabin develop in the future.

Frank Farkash from Moontower designFrank Farkash, CEO of Moontower | Photo by Roger Ho

The Chefs

Chefs Kati Grant- Luedecke and Rudy RiveraChefs Kati Grant-Luedecke and Rudy Rivera from Bottega | Photo by Roger Ho

A neighborhood Café located in the heart of Mueller, Bottega is one of the most recent and trendy places to grab a bite in Austin. Taking over what had been Austin charcuterie board business Casero’s physical storefront, Bottega is a fresh take on what a bistro means and they are ready to keep improving and expanding, now that they have its first physical location.

We were happy to know that Kati Grant-Luedecke would be one of the event chefs, because she was the lead designer for our ceviche dish! Kati and Rudy Rivera showed a spectacular display of culinary expertise and we can wait to have an excuse to have them spoil us again.

Kati Grant- Luedecke and Rudy Rivera from Bottega

Chefs Kati Grant- Luedecke and Rudy Rivera from Bottega | Photo by Roger Ho

The Tableware

Poco x Clay collection by Clay imports

Photo by Roger Ho

We have the venue, we have the food, but how should we serve it? This is when Clay Imports comes to the rescue. Poco x Clay is our collection of kitchen tableware designed with the help of chefs and food related professionals from Austin and Mexico and handcrafted to fulfill all your kitchen needs.

As this was a showcase, we decided to also show our products and feature our Poco x Clay collection! From our 4 piece everyday set to our tortilleros, you can see how our clay tableware enhances the looks of this incredible event. We decided to bring our tableware items in the beautiful salt white gloss color, but we have more colors available and we are sure you’ll find the one that best fits your kitchen design.

Poco x Clay collection in salt white gloss

All our chef series collection items are displayed here

Why should you have a Keveri H1?

Keveri K1 red grill

The Keveri K1 grill | Photo by Roger Ho

As Texans, we know how important it is to have a nice grill for any gathering and the Keveri grills are the best in the market. Antonio Montes, co-founder of Keveri, became an expert in cooking with a smoker back in his days living in Chile. And when his old family smoker died, he decided to build his own. That’s how the Keveri H1 was born.

The Keveri H1 is a vertical & pit smoker, charcoal grill, that not only is built to last, but it also is the only charcoal oven designed at a Michelin chef’s standard, for your at-home use. Is engineered for extreme heat and usability and, in Antonio words, for those “who love cooking with real fire”.

This event was the perfect opportunity to see how this incredible outdoor oven works and we are convinced that, once you try it, you would’t want to use another grill ever! You can learn how to use the Keveri H1(and order yours) by clicking here.

Siete Foods Co-Founder Veronica Garza

Siete Foods Co-Founder and Poco x Clay Designer Veronica Garza | Photo by Roger Ho

We like to thank Moontower, Cross Cabin, Bottega and Keveri for letting us be part of this great event and we can’t wait to host new experiences like this. And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, reach out to us at