Fireplace trends for 2023 & 2024

The best fireplace ideas and trends for this year

By Clay Imports

Whether in your living room, family room, or bedroom, the fireplace is a natural gathering point where memories are made and stories shared. That’s why choosing the right design for a fireplace can add a touch of style and sophistication to your whole place. One of the most easy and affordable ways to transform your fireplace into an eye-catching masterpiece, is, of course, adorning and protecting it with tile.

Whether it’s a brick fireplace or a cement construction, here you will see the best tile options for a modern design, to turn your fireplace into a breathtaking element for years to come.

Modern fireplace design with white and black tiles
Design by Heidi Houdek

Pattern tiles for fireplaces

Patterned tiles bring a unique aesthetic to your fireplace. Their intricate, hand made designs and vibrant colors can create an enchanting focal point that draws the eye. These tiles offer versatility, because they allow you to tailor your tile into any pattern you desire. You can take a look at our pattern tile collection to find the best options for your design. The durability of our high-quality patterned tiles ensures that your investment in visual appeal will stand the test of time. 

For those seeking a striking and personalized fireplace, you can always book a design consultation with us, so we can work together to find the design of your dreams.

Fireplace with white tiles

Design by Jami Elizabeth Interiors | Photo by Tiffany DeLangie

Fireplaces with solid color tiles

Solid color tiles, be they green, blue, or even pink, provide an excellent opportunity to infuse your fireplace with personality and style. Beveled edge tiles, often referred to as zellige tiles or zellige tile backsplash, allow you to harmonize your fireplace with your existing color scheme in your place or take a bold step in a new direction by making a contrasting color palette with your overall design with minimal grout joint spacing and a breath-taking handmade texture.

Modern fireplace with blue tiles

Photo by Alexandra Rowland

Choosing a solid color tile also means you can choose a different shape of tile, increasing interest but not keeping your design simple. Our Abanico Aqua crackle was featured by graphic designer Curtis Jinkins of Neighborhood Studio, who took an unconventional route with this tile that is often used for bathrooms and wet areas, making an interesting yet astonishing result. 

If you want to see more solid colored tiles for your fireplaces, we strongly suggest you take a look at our Zellige tile collection as well as our solid color tile options.

Glazed terracotta tiles: a classic choice for fireplaces

Glazed terracotta tiles, such as subway tiles, have been a favorite choice for many homeowners. These tiles offer a classic and handmade appearance that can complement various design themes. Their straightforward shape simplifies cleaning and maintenance, making them a practical option. But this simplicity doesn’t mean the design should be as straight as the tiles! There are a ton of tile layouts for fireplaces you can choose from. Furthermore, their affordability and easy installation can make your fireplace project budget-friendly.

Lauren Richardson from The Sursy made a fantastic layout for the Coal Creek Cabin vacation home. You can see the whole process in this article. 

Fireplaces with Terracotta tiles

One of the best options to tile your fireplace is using natural clay tiles, and we can assure you that here at Clay Imports we know a thing or two about that! Terracotta tiles, with their warm and textured appearance, will bring an earthy charm to your fireplace and are the perfect choice if you are looking for a more classic look. Their durability is especially notable, as they can withstand the high heat emitted by fireplaces. This makes them a particularly suitable choice if you are looking for a low maintenance tile.

Bandd Design created a beautiful, understated fireplace that features our Terracotta Saltillo hexagon tiles, but you can use pretty much any tile from our natural terracotta collection.

Breeze blocks for fireplaces

Finally, one of the most recent trends for fireplace design is breeze blocks. Usually, when people think of a breeze block, they imagine a big, gray concrete block, but breeze blocks can be made of any construction material, such as clay. Clay breeze blocks are an amazing alternative to natural terracotta tiles and their patterns are an astonishing touch that can bring the modern touch your fireplace needs.

Modern fireplace with clay breeze blocks

Fireplace with clay breeze blocks


The proper selection of tiles is an easy way to bring a new life to your fireplace. Each option, be it patterned, solid color, subway, or terracotta tiles, offers distinct advantages and considerations, so try to consider your personal style, maintenance preferences, and budget should guide your choice. With the right tiles, your fireplace can evolve into the centerpiece of your home, radiating warmth and style for years to come. And we’d love to see the results! Reach out to us at or chat with us here.