A new Palmas Color | Marigold

A vibrant yellow twist to this beloved tile

By Clay Imports

Flowers are a key part of many rites and celebrations. We can see this being true for Día de Muertos; the Mexican and Latin American celebration of life and death. And marigolds are synonymous with this special day: their beauty and brevity are reminiscent of what they are trying to celebrate. On this Día de Muertos eve, we are launching a special product: The Palmas Marigold tile.

Yellow textured clay tiles
Meet our new Palmas Marigold tile by Ayse Design

Praised for their vibrant orange and yellow shades, Marigolds, also called cempasúchil (which translates to ”Flower of 20 petals” from Mexican Nahútl) holds a privileged place in pre-Columbian religious history. Marigolds are used as decoration in a lot of regions all across Mexico and some Latin American countries and they are planted in summer so they can be ready by October and November.
Palmas tiles are part of our Valladolid collection and they are designed by Ayse Iyriboz. We decided to use this shade for this collection because Palmas are tiles that celebrate the floral landscape of Mexico. And marigolds, being such a strong symbol of one of the most known cultural festivities of this country, were the perfect inspiration to introduce this vibrant new color. Palmas tiles are popular for their use as a bright, textured tile that brings an incredible accent note to any project; as such, adding a marigold shade was the special touch they needed and we hope you end up being as satisfied with the end result as we are.
Yellow textured tiles
Marigold is a bold option for any design, and even though it can be used on its own, it doesn't mean it is difficult to combine! These kinds of colors usually go great with neutral, white shades and usually are used as an accent color. For example, you can add a little vibrant touch to your white kitchen or warm neutral powder bath. But it also rewards the brave, and you can use it with an equally vivid complementary color like Mexican pink or a moody charcoal!Yellow textured tiles
Marigold looks great when combined with other vivid colors
Backsplash with yellow tiles
Bring a colorful touch to your spaces with Marigold Palmas

Marigold palmas is available in 8” Hexagon, and unlike the Marigolds, this Palmas tile are available all year round! You can pre-order this new tile here or you can take a look at our Valladolid series if you want to browse other shades. Any questions? Email us at contact@clayimports.com or chat with us here. We’re more than happy to assist you with any design or product inquiries you may have.