Terracotta Paver 6″x12″x3/4″

    • Size: 6″x12″x3/4″
    • Finish: Unsealed
    • 1 sq.ft: 2 pcs
    • Variation: V3 (Moderate Variation)

    Want to Sample? Order 2-4 pieces to understand the variation of handmade tile.

    Quick Ship - Typical lead time 10-12 days (incl. transit)

    Quick Pickup - Free pick up available in Austin, TX.
    *We highly recommend adding 15%-20% overage to account for tile cuts, potential breakage, or future repairs.

    total pcs

    box needed

    total sq.ft.


    Recommended for

    - Interior floors, walls, mudrooms, kitchen islands, entryways, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, bathroom floors, and decorative walls.

    - Outdoor applications, such as patios or walkways. Outdoor kitchens, in warmer climates, and most areas not exposed to freezing conditions.

    Avoid use in

    - Areas exposed to harsh freezing conditions, sloped floors in wet areas, and shower floors




    Indoor Paver Installation

    If you are installing pavers indoors, you need to grout your pavers. Note that your terracotta pavers should be sealed before grouting to keep the grout from staining the surface. Also, seal your indoor paver installation heavily after installation, and after the grout is dry, to prevent any moisture absorption. Make sure to do a grout sample before starting on the full area.

    Outdoor Paver Installation

    Outdoor pavers are often installed with no grout between. If this is the case, sealing is not necessary. Non-grouting and non-sealing creates an impervious surface, meaning water can go through the joints and then soak into the ground. Please read more on the blog.