Subway Bullnose Chalk

$6.00 USD

The bullnose tile trim features a rounded and glazed edge, providing a smooth and gentle finish. It can also come as a corner piece (right or left) that features two rounded glazed edges.

  • Single Bullnose: This style is commonly used when only one edge of the tile is exposed, such as along a wall or an edge of a countertop and if your tile work doesn’t extend to the ceiling. It offers protection to the exposed edge and complements the tile design seamlessly.

  • Corner Bullnose: It is designed specifically for corner applications, where two edges meet at a right angle. This trim style ensures a clean and polished look for corners, preventing any sharp edges from detracting from the overall design.

Ordering trim tiles and field tiles together is recommended to minimize potential color variation between the two. Doing so enables a better color match and creates a seamless transition, as it increases the likelihood of receiving products from the same production batch and reduces the chance of noticeable color discrepancies.

  • Single Bullnose2"x4"2"x6"3"x6"
  • Short Side Linear Foot6 pcs6 pcs4 pcs
  • Long Side Linear Foot3 pcs2 pcs2 pcs
  • Single Bullnose2"x8"4"x8"3"x12"
  • Short Side Linear Foot6 pcs3 pcs4 pcs
  • Long Side Linear Foot1.5 pcs1.5 pcs1 pc
Side - Select N/A for Single Bullnose:

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