Terracotta Smooth Bullnose

Bullnose Side:
Lead Time: 2 weeks | Satin Sealed 12" Side - 4"x12" 
All other styles | 10 weeks

Samples are not available for this product, we suggest ordering Natural Terracotta Chips to best understand the sheen and texture.

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MADE exclusively IN Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

Terracotta Saltillo tiles are composed of all-natural clay, formed and finished entirely by hand.


COPING | A stair coping is a piece of material that covers the edge of a step to provide a rounded, finished and decorative look. Coping can be cut down to create a more decorative look or to transition into a different shape of tile.

BULLNOSE | Bullnose is a type of trim that has one or more rounded edges. It is often used as a finishing piece for tiled surfaces, such as walls, countertops, and backsplashes. The rounded edge creates a smooth transition and helps to avoid sharp edges or corners. It can also be used to create a decorative edge or border. Another common use, given the thickness of terracotta, is as a transition from one flooring to another.

MITER CUT | With miter cuts, you can conveniently create 45-degree angles for corners, niches, and edges, or cut down and miter standard pieces to a create custom trim.

EXPOSED EDGE | Embrace the natural elements and leave the edge unfinished

We recommend ordering both field tiles and corresponding trim pieces together to minimize batch variation.


V3 MODERATE VARIATION: Notable variations in texture and color within the same batch of tile make for an attractive, handcrafted aesthetic


SMOOTH: Smooth tile texture refers to a more uniform and even texture without any major bumps or ridges, although smooth terracotta will show some surface texture.

ANTIQUE: "Distressed" tile texture refers to a surface pattern on a tile that has been deliberately aged or weathered to create a worn-out appearance.


GLOSS: Our gloss sealed Saltillo tile is coated creating a shiny finish. This is the most traditional, and durable Saltillo sealer option.

SATIN: Satin sealer offers a comparable level of protection as our gloss seal, making it ideal for high traffic and wet areas.

MATTE: Matte sealer offers a protection from water absorption. Exposure to heavy moisture and/or foot traffic may lead to discoloration, darkening, and staining over time.


Bullnose Side: 4" | Linear ft: 3 pcs
Bullnose Side: 6" | Linear ft: 2 pcs
Bullnose Side: 8" | Linear ft: 1.5 pcs
Bullnose Side: 12" | Linear ft: 1 pc


First, figure out what style you’re trying to bring to the room.

For a more “traditional” installation:

For a more modern, sleeker look:


Grout joint spacing for Saltillo tile can vary from 1/4” to 3/4”; for tiles 6” and below, narrower joints generally produce a more modern aesthetic, while larger joint widths are suited for larger tile sizes creating a traditional look.


Saltillo tile is renowned for its natural variation in color, sheen, and texture — this contributes to its characteristically unique and authentic charm. Before installation, blend the tiles together and remember: sealing is a critical step when installing Saltillo tile.


Terracotta tile can be installed in a variety of areas. For climates with freezing weather and exterior, wet area installations, proper installation such as specialized waterproofing (water barrier underlayment), a topcoat sealer, and maintenance are required.*