[Sample] Yucca Crackle Gloss 4"x5"

$2.00 USD



Not sure which tile to choose? Then you should try all of them! Clay Imports offers a sample order service, so you can find the best option for your project. 

We ship all sample orders via UPS Ground and they will arrive within 2 and 5 days after you order them. You can order up to 5 pieces as samples per tile, but there’s no limit on how many tiles you can try!

Because all our tiles are hand made on demand, each tile would have a variation in size, shade, and thickness. No piece is exact to the other; hence, there will always be elements of color/shade and slight size variation that exist in every order, even from your sample! 

Mix and match your samples and compare them on your project. Having your samples will show you their sizes and variations, so you can have a better understanding on how to install and work with the tile you choose.

As easy as 2 clicks; to order your samples you just need to enter the page of the tile you want and click on “order samples”. Then choose how many pieces you want and that’s it, we will be on our way to your home!

At Clay Imports, we believe there is so much beauty in diversity and variation. Every product we offer is unique. No piece is exact to the other. And we admire how handmade tile variation can add so much character to a space. It immediately becomes more interesting to experience a variety of colors and textures.

Natural variation is a characteristic of handmade tile, and inevitable. As a result, expect variations in size, shade, and thickness. Our tile offerings also show Irregular edges and the appearance of fine cracks. This can vary from piece to piece.

Learn more about variation in our blog!

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