Millenial Lotería Relief Tiles

$300.00 USD

35 pieces of handmade awesomeness. 

Individual Pieces: On backorder
Full Sets: In stock - arrives within 3-4 weeks

Size: 3 1/8" x 4 1/4" x 1/4" Thick
Finish: Mix of Matte / Gloss | Texture: Relief

At Clay Imports, partnering with makers and artisans is something that we are extremely passionate about. And, as most of our tile making takes place in Mexico, we are especially lucky when we get the chance to work with those that speak on Latinx life and culture.


Meet the creator of Millennial Lotería, a best-selling reimagining of the classic game of Mexican Bingo, Mike Alfaro. He is a Creative Director based in LA. Born and raised in Guatemala, he has used his knowledge of Hispanic insights to advise and direct multiple award-winning advertising campaigns geared towards a multicultural audience.

With over 55,000 Instagram followers on his account @MillennialLoteria, his post about modern Latinx life have spread virally amounts young Hispanic-Americans who appreciate cultural nostalgia, but are also looking for a more modern representation of their lives.


Millennial Loteria is a best-selling parody of the traditional Hispanic game called "Traditional Loteria". This game reimagines the outdated Latinx representation in lotería. In addition, it humorously updates it to reflect a more modern millennial generation.La Dama (The Lady) is now La Feminist, Las Jaras (The Arrows) is now La Hashtag, and La Sirena (The Mermaid) is now La Selfie. Originally conceived as an Instagram account, @Millennial Lotería went viral appearing on NBC, Univision, Fox, and even on the cover of The New York Times.​​​​​​​This led to the game's release on Amazon, where it has been a #1 Best Seller since its publication in 2018.

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