Trade Spotlight: Davey McEathron Architecture’s Best Of Tile Projects

This Austin Architect Firm has a thing with tile, check out their coolest tile projects

By Clay Imports

Davey McEathron Architecture is a small architecture firm based out of Austin, TX – a vibrant city that sits at the crossroads of Mexican and American cultures. After experiencing a lot of growth in the mid 20th century, Austin embraces the iconic Mid-Century style that is found throughout the city. 

Tile Projects

The Glendale Duplex is a modest sized pair of residences on a relatively small lot in South Austin – a popular, and highly sought after area near downtown. Playing with the idea of a shared building with separate but mutual identities, DMA designed the exteriors and interiors to play off each other like yin and yang or the good twin/evil twin.
kitchen unit with white and black hand-painted tiless
kitchen unit with black and white hand-painted tiless
Playful, geometric patterns elevating the Glendale tile project: Juice Black and Juice White, and Dandy Ocean. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

Gillespie and Wilson

A Powder Room is always a great space to be bold and playful. It is also a good place to offer a surprise for houseguests. In these two bathrooms, patterned cement tiles were used to give the rooms a jolt of personality and pizzazz.

Bathroom and sink wall with blue tiles backsplash
Bathroom and sink wall with gray tiles backsplash

The Gillespie and Wilson tile projects playing with pattern. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

Rabb Glen

Starting the interior selections for a space sometimes starts with the tile. The Kitchen at the Rabb Glen Residence has an incredibly bold and dark turquoise paint color that stemmed from the colors found in the cement tile used on the backsplash. From there, DMA was able to find other elements for the space that took cues from the tile.

Rabb Glen Bathroom with blue cement tilesRabb Glen Kitchen with white and blue tiles backsplash wallRabb Glen Kitchen with white and blue tiles backsplash wall
Our Prague Tile as statement backsplash. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

506 Leland

A cement tile is a great choice for an entry to a house. It not only can help set the tone, but is also durable and ready to endure a high traffic area. The entry to 506 Leland uses a patterned cement tile in a muted color that plays off the wall tile in the entry and powder. Also, it begins to set up expectations for the interiors of the remainder of the house.

Bathroom and bathroom closet with gray cement tiles
Tile project 506 Leland features subtle gray tones and our Wilmar GrayPhotography by Leonid Furmansky.

The light blue thin brick tile that was installed in the Kitchen at 506 Leland balances the warm wood tones of the walnut cabinets and brightens the space.

Blue and gray modern kitchenGorgeous shades of blue: Glazed Thin Brick OxygenPhotography by Leonid Furmansky.

 The vibrant tile in the upstairs bathroom adds playfulness to the kid’s bath.

Kid's bathroom with blue and white tiles Comet Clay for the kid’s bathroom. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

508 Leland

The bold, graphic tile in the Kitchen at 508 Leland draws the eye through the space to a chef’s kitchen designed for entertaining. A long island, setup as a place to dine and chat with the chef, or as a work from home station, is backed with a cement tile that can withstand the abuse of many years of feet kicking.

 Modern Kitchen with blue and green tiles
Tile project 508 Leland featuring graphic cement tile, our Casablanca Green. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.


The Master Bathroom incorporated a muted color, cement hex tile. This space was designed to feel mature and clean while offering a nod to the modern shapes found inside and outside the home.

Master bathroom with white hexagon tiles
Pure White Hexagons for a fresh and clean look. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

South 4th House and Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Inspired by a trip to the Yucatán, the South 4th House and ADU incorporated lush textures and colors reminiscent of this tropical destination. 

The Kitchen in the main house uses the Justin Clay Tile on the backsplash. This way a bit of charm is added to the heavy, raw steel vent hood. Meanwhile, the subtle green tones in the tile balance the rich red tones of the mahogany cabinets. Here, hand woven pendants over the dining area further emphasize the design goals for the project.

Modern House Kitchen with white tiles
Justin Clay backsplash, inspired by travels to the Yucatán. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

The Master Bathroom of the house continues the use of the Justin Clay tile. Incorporating a butternut wood cabinet gives the space a warm tone, and natural essence.

Modern master bathroom with white and gray tiles
Justin Clay. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

Concrete and clay are materials commonly used throughout Mexico. The Kitchen in the ADU blends a bold glazed green tile with a soft green cabinet color. Contrasting this are three concrete pendants floating effortlessly over the peninsula.

Modern Kitchen with green backsplash wall
Glazed Diamond Light Green at one of the brilliant South 4th tile projects. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

In the bathrooms of the ADU, DMA specified more handmade tiles, soft paint colors and a white oak countertop.

modern bathroom sink with blue tile backsplash
810 Sea Foam Mex Zellige. Photography by Leonid Furmansky.

"Gaby and the Clay Imports team have been incredible design partners on so many of our projects – whether working from within their stock selections, or on custom patterns, we are always able to find interesting ways to develop our projects in a way that gets us and our clients excited."

To see the full portfolio of Davey McEathron Architecture please visit their website. The creative minds also share their work and inspiration on Instagram, follow for major tile design inspirations. And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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