You Guessed It: The Queer Eye Tile Was From Clay Imports

At this point, you’ve had enough time to binge the Queer Eye Austin, TX season. 

For those that have been living under a rock, Queer Eye is a total makeover show where a team of five gurus, the Fab Five, completely makeover someone’s life - from fashion and food to grooming and design.

As the show release was delayed due to COVID-19, we had to keep this secret. Now that it's out we’re so proud to have our tile featured in multiple areas of the show - you probably even noticed, they visited our showroom!

Queer Eye Fab Five Austin Tile Company - Clay Imports


What tile did the Fab Five use in their Austin HQ?

The Fab Five hand selected four different Clay Imports products to renovate their home in Austin while filming the show - known as the Fab Five HQ.

The Desert Pink Zellige tile brightened up their kitchen.

Bobby Berk Queer Eye Pink Zellige tile


That dreamy fireplace? Our incredibly popular Noir Thin Brick.

Queer Eye Black Fireplace Tile from Clay Imports


Also - it was hard to catch but the 4” x 4” Root Beer tile was featured in the grooming station. Lastly, as a bonus - the Fab Five used the Clay Imports equipales as chairs as well.

What tile did Terri use in her Queer Eye bathroom makeover?

We've heard tons of questions on this episode.

In Episode 1, Bobby helped totally renovate Terri’s bathroom by combining two different style of stunning green Clay Imports tile. The walls surrounding the bathtub feature our 8” Palmas Green Tile, while the 2.5” x 8” Forest Thin Brick was used to frame the tub. We love Bobby's design choices here!

Austin Queer Eye Bathroom Makeover Tile from Clay Imports

Let us know - which of the Fab Five’s tile makeovers were your favorite? And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or chat with us here.