This Outdoor Shower with Copper Fixtures is a full on DIY Project

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A guest blog about DIY Outdoor shower installation by Ayse Iyriboz of Ayse Design. Pictures and Video by Beef & Pie Productions.

Over the past few months we had projected our entire house from top to bottom, front yard to back - except for a tiny cubby next to our outdoor storage. After another sweaty day in the backyard we realized an outdoor shower would be the remedy for these hot Texas days, a convenient place to wash our dog and an excuse to use some awesome tile. I am always looking for those excuses.

I love it when these two things come together” A space that needs tile and a tile you want to use. The tile is produced by Clay Imports and designed by Grow House Grow. I love Grow House Grow designs but this Otomi pattern is special because of our love of Mexico. You know I love a tile when I use it instead of my own!

DIY Outdoor shower installation

DIY Outdoor Shower Installation

I have done a lot of renovations in the past so I was undaunted in taking on this DIY installation. I already had the tools and some experience but had never laid a matching pattern tile before. I can say I measured a thousand times before I cut once on this one. But after I got into a rhythm it really started to click into place. It took the better part of an afternoon to hang the tile and a little bit the next day for grout and cleanup. Check out how I did it step by step.

DIY Outdoor shower installation

The DIY Copper Fixtures

I also knew I wanted copper pipes to compliment the blue tiles. Copper fixtures like we wanted can be found but are often on the pricey side.  Instead I picked up affordable big box store elements, tapped into my past years of gilding experience and gilded these with actual copper leaf. DIY! DIY! DIY! Protip: gilding goes real quick in Texas’s 100 degree summers. Next I wanted to patina the fixtures, Secret Pro Tip: use pool water.

Otomi l Clay Imports l Grow House GrowAnd now we have a great addition to our outdoor lifestyle. In fact, it encourages even more of it.  And the best part is actually using it. For a few brief moments it transports you to a more exotic locale than our own backyard.

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