This Outdoor Shower With Copper Fixtures Is A Full-On DIY Project

By Clay Imports 

Guest blog: DIY Outdoor Shower Installation by Ayse Iyriboz of Ayse Design.

Pictures and Video by Beef & Pie Productions.


Over the past few months we had projected our entire house from top to bottom, front yard to back—except for a tiny cubby next to our outdoor storage. After another sweaty day in the backyard we realized an outdoor shower would be the remedy for these hot Texas days, a convenient place to wash our dog and an excuse to use some awesome tile. I am always looking for those excuses.

“I love it when these two things come together” A space that needs tile and a tile you want to use. The tile is produced by Clay Imports and designed by Grow House Grow. I love Grow House Grow designs but this Jardin de Luna pattern is special because of our love of Mexico. You know I love a tile when I use it instead of my own!

DIY Outdoor shower installation

DIY Outdoor Shower Installation

I have done a lot of renovations in the past, so I was undaunted in taking on this DIY installation. I already had the tools and some experience but had never laid a matching pattern tile before. Not only that, but I can say I measured a thousand times before I cut once on this one. But after I got into a rhythm it really started to click into place. It took the better part of an afternoon to hang the tile and a little the next day for grout and cleanup. Check out how I did it step by step.

DIY Outdoor shower installation

The DIY Copper Fixtures

I also knew I wanted copper pipes to compliment the blue tiles. Copper fixtures like we wanted can be found but are often on the pricey side. Instead, I picked up affordable big box store elements, tapped into my past years of gilding experience and gilded these with actual copper leaf. DIY! DIY! DIY! Pro-tip: gilding goes real quick in Texas’s 100 degree summers. Next I wanted to patina the fixtures, Secret Pro Tip: use pool water.

Otomi l Clay Imports l Grow House GrowAnd now we have a great addition to our outdoor lifestyle. In fact, it encourages even more of it.  And the best part is actually using it. For a few brief moments it transports you to a more exotic locale than our own backyard.

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Disclaimer: since the installation of tile greatly determines the integrity of the project and the tile itself, Clay imports does not warranty this product and is not responsible for dissatisfaction of material following installation. Please inspect all tile upon receipt and notify us immediately if you have any quality concerns. This guide is meant to serve as a general resource. Because each project is unique, consult your tile installer before installing your tile.

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