Talking breeze blocks with Urban Landscape Group

An interview with one the top landscape companies in Texas

By Clay Imports

From the past decade, the local Austin landscape has been influenced by the works of Urban Landscape Group (ULGTX). Their goal is “to create unique outdoor living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional with the Texas landscape.” Aesthetically pleasing is an understatement; their dedication and professionalism is reflected in every beautiful project they have done, leaving no unsatisfied customer. When they decided to use our breeze block for their most recent outdoor work, we decided to take the chance to have a chat and learn more about them.

Front yard with Breeze blocksPhoto courtesy of Urban Landscape Group

About Urban Landscape Group

The Owner of ULGTX, Jeff Mahlsted, defines Urban Landscape Group as a boutique landscape company that really enjoys making interesting landscapes. According to Jeff, “We have created hundreds of landscapes in Austin for the past 15 years with many different styles and varieties. I think that we put a great deal of effort into every project we take on. We are constantly looking for new ways to create and grow and design”.

Jeff is convinced that the great deal of effort into every project they take on is what sets apart their work from the rest. And they try to keep their good reputation as high as possible and be recognized as one of the best build teams in Austin for a long time to come: “We are constantly looking for new ways to create and grow and design. Austin is not going to stop growing, and we want to be there to create spaces that people can enjoy for a lifetime.”

Front yard with Breeze blocksPhoto courtesy of Urban Landscape Group
We are not trying to be the biggest company in the world, we just want to make really creative/sustainable spaces that we would want to hang out in ourselves.

Breeze blocks talks

For the past 15 years, they have created hundreds of landscapes in many different styles and varieties. For example, in their most recent project, they used our Escala Breeze Block to add a modern design into the classic front yard fence. This project was led by renowned Cobb Development.

“Materials used were Breeze blocks, CMU concrete blocks, standard concrete, and mortar, and ⅜” rebar. The concrete footer is 12” of concrete, we then added one row of CMU blocks as the base layer. We placed rebar every 4 feet vertically, and every 2 feet horizontally. We also reinforce the wall with 4 gauge galvanized steel mesh. This process gives the wall much more strength and stability.”

For this project they decided to use Breeze blocks because these outdoor ventilation blocks are a very simple way to add a lot of style to a space: “We could have easily put up a 4 foot cedar fence. Adding these Breeze blocks created such a different dynamic to the space, as well as adding property value to the home”. And we couldn’t agree more: with so many different styles of block to choose from, Breeze blocks are fun and transform any ordinary partition into something really cool.

Front yard with breeze blocksPhoto courtesy of Urban Landscape Group

Jeff also enjoys using Breeze blocks because they provide an instant pleasing visual. If you build a concrete wall you still need to tile it, paint it, stucco, etc. and because they are relatively easy to work with:
“Anyone can use these blocks, and build a partition at their home. They can be great for privacy screening if you don’t want to completely hide a space or another structure”.

Even though breeze blocks are really easy to work with, Jeff shares some considerations to have in mind before installation: “When building any big structure like this, safety is always the biggest concern. You must build a strong concrete footer, and the more rebar you can use the better. Installing a wall of any sorts always requires putting in a solid footer. With this install, we made sure to level the ground space as much as possible, and create an even trench to pour the concrete.”

If you want to know more about how to install breeze blocks, you can always check our guide on how to work with this material.

Front yard with breeze blocksPhoto courtesy of Urban Landscape Group

I recommend Clay Imports all the time, they are great! The team is awesome and the materials are incredible.


If you want to get in touch with Jeff, you can find him working on his Jeep, out at the ranch in nature, or on the Urban Landscape Group instagram and web page. And remember, if you have any questions or want to work with us, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or chat with us here.