Saltillo Tile Sealer & Texture Options

A Review of Saltillo Tile Surface Differences

By Clay Imports

Clay Imports’ Saltillo tile comes in different seal and texture finishes. Here is a review!

Available texture options include: Smooth and Antique.
Available seal options include: Gloss, Satin, and Matte.

Sealer Options

All Clay Imports Saltillo tile is pre-sealed. Sealed Saltillo tiles are commonly used for floors, kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, and some outdoor areas. Most sealed Terracotta tiles protect the surface from moisture absorption and staining. Durability can depend on the selected sheen. Matte being the least durable and gloss being the most durable.

Gloss Sealed

Our gloss sealed Saltillo tile is coated creating a shiny finish. This is the most traditional, and durable Saltillo sealer option.

Contigo Ranch designed by Ann Edgerton. Photo by Madeline Harper

Satin Sealed

Our satin sealed Saltillo tile is coated creating a semigloss finish. This is a sleek option, that requires little maintenance.


Matte Sealed

Our matte sealed Saltillo tile is coated creating a raw, but protected finish. This option might require regular resealing, depending on wear.

Design by Moontower Design Build

Texture Options

Saltillo tile texture options are smooth or antique.

Smooth Texture

Smooth Saltillo tiles feature a natural, non-distressed, slightly pillowed surface. While there are visible natural imperfections inherent in Saltillo tile, the smooth texture is much more even than the antique texture.

Design by Clare Anderson

Antique Texture

At Clay Imports, we experimented and created our Antique line of Saltillo by pressing burlap bags onto our wet tiles to create a more textured, distressed look. This yields a whole new aesthetic and looks fabulous in outdoor areas.

Design by Yardzen for Will Bryant


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