Introducing The All New Fresh Series


We are happy to introduce the Fresh series, our newest relief tile series featuring classic white glaze, and contrasting terracotta orange accents. This series spruces up any space with its crisp, modern vibe. From rich classic floral to minimal clean lines, there’s a pattern for everyone. Find yours today!

Each and every piece is expertly handcrafted in-house by Clay Imports tile artisans in Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico.

white and orange terracotta tile held up by hands clay imports
  • Lola features radiating lines that you can match and rotate with other Lola tiles to create unique and exciting designs.
  • Alma and Carmen are reminiscent of classic Mexican talavera with a minimalist, modern twist. 
  • Paloma has a clean face with a series of lines on each corner that can come together to create a subtle yet charming pattern. 
  • Valentina features straight geometric lines to form an orderly squared pattern. 
  • Leo packs complex lines onto each tile to create a bold, striking design. 
  • Marco presents wavey line patterns for a laid back arrangement that makes any space flow. 
  • Rico can be taken in whatever direction you prefer, its pointy design follows your path.
Relief tile being painted with white paint by hand clay imports

Each piece from the fresh series is expertly handcrafted

How Its Made

Cuerda seca or “dry cord” is a technique used to create colored pattern tile dating back to the 14th century. The process involves thin borders of waxy substance used to separate glazes during the firing process. This enables artisans to create intricate and complex patterns with different colored glazes.

Today, in Mexico, we make our Relief tiles similarly. During the creation of relief tiles, the desired design is hand screened onto a pre-fired classic terracotta tile. Next, artisans use a wax resist product to create thin or thick lines to outline the area where each glaze will be applied. The wax allows the glaze to stay separated. The glaze is then applied by hand to the tile, often using fine-tipped bulb syringes. Finally, the tiles are fired again. Our relief tiles are used for a variety of purposes including murals, kitchen backsplashes, and decorative pool and fountain tiles.

YouTube thumbnail linking to video clay imports

Check out our short on how the Fresh series is made!

How To Use It

We recommend applying these tiles to walls or backsplashes in kitchens or bathrooms. They’re also suitable for outdoor applications in mild climates. The Fresh Series is a delicate, textured tile and not recommended for flooring or heavy foot traffic.

Kitchen backsplash with white relief tile clay imports

Customize It

We made this series with customization in mind. Make it yours using the customization color chips, each Fresh series design is customizable. Ranging from bold reds to subtle blues, with natural color variation from piece to piece.

different color relief tile displayed on shelves clay imports

We can’t wait to see what beautiful projects y’all use the Fresh series on! Remember to send in your project photos to, or click here for a chance to get featured!

If you have any questions, drop us an email at or chat with us here.