Can Decorative Tile Increase The Value Of My Rental Property?

By Clay Imports 

Decorative tile isn't just a source of beauty and inspiration, it can also be a great investment into the value of your rental property. With today's housing market, buyers and renters are looking beyond a fresh coat of paint. They’re looking for quality in addition to appearance. 

Potential tenants are looking for a space with an upgraded look, a poorly maintained property could decrease the value of your rental.

Something as simple as replacing the kitchen floor tile can breathe new life into your rental and provide a large return on investment. Many owners can see up to an 80% ROI. Following these tips can help you get the best value back on your investment.


Inside a house with terracotta floor tiles clay importsKeep the floor consistent throughout your property. Main living areas should have consistent flooring. Bathrooms and bedrooms can be an exception, but it's a good idea to keep them uniform.

Potential tenants are turned off by patchy, irregular flooring. When flooring is consistent, it provides a better flow and creates an open feeling.

Consider Where You Are

Outdoor patio with glazed terracotta brick floor tile and yellow brick house clay imports

Bryant Courtyard, design by Yardzen

The local climate of your property is another factor to consider. In warmer climates, a tile floor is optimal because it stays cool in the summer. A person’s body temperature is based on the temperature of their feet and head.

Cater To A Wide Audience

Bathroom with black hexagon clay floor tile and white wall tile clay imports

Neutral colors appeal to a wider audience. Photography by Kasey Hickey

When remodeling a rental it’s important to keep a wide audience in mind. The best way to do that is to pick neutral, clean colors that appeal to most people. This will net the best chance of getting a good return on your investment from your tile floors.

Consider The Space

If you’re getting tile for a patio or an entryway, remember these areas can have very heavy foot traffic. You will want to consider picking a durable, easy to maintain tile floor for these areas.

Patio with large windows and blue pattern clay tile clay imports
Design by Jen Pinkston

Kitchen and bathrooms typically require more water-resistant backsplashes and floors. These areas don't get nearly as much foot traffic as patios or entryways. However, these are areas you usually want sparkling clean.

Kitchen with blue fridge, white cabinets and white and green backsplash tile clay imports
Design by Kim Wolfe. Photography by Madeline Harper.

Get Your New Tile Now

So does tile increase rental value? It sure does!

Following these tips will set you up for success when picking tile for your rental property. If you like any of the tile works featured in this article, each image can take you the product. Or you can always check all our collections here.

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