How To Pot A Plant In A Oaxaca Planter

Clay Imports uses terracotta for a lot of different things. For example, we make Terracotta Oaxaca planters that pair beautifully with plants from our friends over at Garden Seventeen. We prepared an easy-breezy guide for how to plant in one of our Oaxaca pots.

How To Pot A Plant in Oaxaca Clay Planter | Clay Imports

Step 1

Man holding bottom of clay planter clay imports

If you plan on potting a cactus DO NOT seal the drain

The Oaxaca planters are about 12” in diameter. When you go shopping for a plant, make sure it is 12” or less in diameter to ensure a good fit. 

Pro Tip from Garden Seventeen: When picking out the perfect pot size you want to select a pot that is 2” to 4” larger than you current size in diameter. 

Each pot has a drain hole made for cacti, depending on the plant you might want to seal it. You can place a rock or a piece of terracotta over the drain hole. If you plan to use your Oaxaca planter for a cactus DO NOT plug your drain hole. 

Step 2

Plant held up next to terracotta planter clay imports


Hold your new plant next to your Oaxaca planter. However much space is left between the bottom of your new plant and the ground is how much soil you’re going to add to your planter, before putting your plant in.

Step 3

Close up photo of soil inside planter with 1


Use an appropriate potting soil to fill your planter. Gently remove your new plant from the plastic container and place inside the Oaxaca container. You want to have about 1” of space from the top of your new plant to the rim of the planter.

Step 4

Plants in a terracotta planter clay imports


With your hand gently rake soil along the sides of your plant, filling the space between the plant and the planter.

Check out our full selection of Oaxaca planters here! You can also check out Garden Seventeen for our Terracotta pots and plants to fill them with.

Now you’re ready to take care of your new plant! We hope this helped and if you have any questions you can always hit up or chat with us here.

Disclaimer: since the installation of tile greatly determines the integrity of the project and the tile itself, Clay imports does not warranty this product and is not responsible for dissatisfaction of material following installation. Please inspect all tile upon receipt and notify us immediately if you have any quality concerns. This guide is meant to serve as a general resource. Because each project is unique, consult your tile installer before installing your tile.