Clay Imports Introduces Desert Fields: Where Beauty Meets Endurance

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[Austin, TX] Clay Imports, a leading provider of the most innovative tile trends, is now introducing a new tile collection. Desert fields is a fusion of durability and the essence of enchantment found in the vast and tranquil deserts of Mexico: from the big dunes of Baja California to the tranquil valleys of Chihuahua.

Tiles are meant to last, that is why Desert Fields tiles are crafted with utmost precision and embodies the perfect blend of high quality, beauty, and enduring strength.This modern tile collection has 6 different colors and 2 different finishes, making for a wide variety of design and layout possibilities:

  • Oasis Gloss: a soft and smooth like water blue tile
  • Playa Gloss: featuring a smooth, mid-toned warm blue
  • Yucca Crackled Gloss: a subtle translucent green tile with a distinctive crackled texture
  • Mirage Matte: A bright, solid white tile with a beautiful matte finish
  • Palo Santo Matte: a burnt wood brown colored tile
  • Nightfall Matte: a bright yet discreet black tile with a solid texture

Desert Fields is a modern take on tile design, not only for their colors and finishes but also for the sizes and shapes this collection will be available. These tiles will be available in 2” x 12”, 2” x 5” and 4” x 5”. These size options can be combined together for new design possibilities. Desert Fields is available at the release of this article and can be found in its collection page. 


At the core of Clay Import’s identity is a commitment to innovation and sustainability. The diverse team constantly strives for better, faster, and groundbreaking approaches that exceed industry expectations. Clay Imports was founded by brothers and former tile installers Zac and Nick Barreiro, driven by their love of tile, appreciation for craftsmanship, and passion for international travel. Working alongside a talented team and collaborating with artisans from Mexico, Clay Imports offers an authentic range of handcrafted tiles and sustainable home goods, made from top-quality materials. As a locally owned and operated small business, we proudly support our communities in Austin, TX, and Mexico.