Wellness Pop-Up: Moment Cafe by Mayawell x Clay Imports

Experience the Oaxaca and Horizon Series this summer at the Mayawell Pop-Up

By Clay Imports

Moment by Mayawell is here! The Austin/Oaxaca beverage brand is serving wellness, community, and beautiful interiors in East Austin this summer. A part-time café, part community center, Moment by Mayawell will be open through September 2021. This feel good space features some of our favorite local partners, such as Fairweather Cider (hello neighbors!) and Garden Seventeen!



The Clay Imports pop-up at Moment showcases our two brand new Artist Series: The Horizon Series by Claire Zinnecker and the Oaxaca Series by Rohin Bhalla. Lounge in our blush equipal chairs, have a bubbly prebiotic soda, and enjoy the view and company!



"Moment by Mayaswell is an immersive, feel good retail experience in collaboration with a number of exciting local and national brand partners! Set up as an all-day café, the space will offer snacks, coffee, natural wines, craft beer, herbs, apothecary items, art, plants and much more. The concept is driven by Mayawell’s focus on building community and supporting holistic health and wellness.“ - Mayawell



June 2nd - September 30t, 2021


2609 E Cesar Chavez, Austin


Monday : Closed
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : 9am - 7pm
Thursday : 9am - 7pm
Friday : 9am - 7pm
Saturday : 9am - 7pm
Sunday : 9am - 7pm

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