The Tile That Inspired Me: Tile To Wood Transitions by Patrice Rios

By Clay Imports 

Tile to Wood Transition : Dandy Midnight Cement TileI found this image on the internet in 2014 and fell in love.

Interior Designer Patrice Rios on Tile to Wood Transition and The Tile That Inspired Me

When I was searching the internet in 2015 for inspiration, I didn't realize this very image above would make such an impact on my design career.

I didn't know what this tile was called, but I was on a mission to find it and was designing my very first shipping container studio for myself, so I wanted every single design element to reflect me. I couldn't stop going back to this image without getting excited. It was the color, the pattern, the shape that was just so perfect. Just a few months earlier I had been to this wonderful tile shop in North Austin called "Clay Imports". I decided to take a visit to the store and I kid you not, as I was walking up the steps to the front door, there it was, the single tile waiting for me. 

Tile to Wood Transition - Dandy Midnight Cement TileThere it was. Waiting for me.

Tile to Wood Transition

Needless to say, I placed my order right then and there for 100 square feet of "Dandy" cement tile. So, step one, finding the tile and its name was complete. Now, step two, incorporating it into my shipping container. Here I go.

I wanted my studio to feel light and bright, natural yet energetic and wanted a lot of natural wood elements with pops of color and bold patterns. I thought it would be overwhelming to cover the entire floor with the Dandy pattern, so I came up with a mixed design of natural wood tile 3"x 36" planks in a herringbone pattern (sketch below). It sounds crazy, but little did I know I would have clients years later reference this floor pattern. Nor did I think it would be featured on HGTV, used as an advertisement for "Clay Imports" in Austin Monthly Magazine and be published in Austin Home Magazine. 

Tile to Wood Transition : Dandy Midnight Cement TileInspire Others

I recently went into the new Google office in Austin and walked into a bathroom that was floor to ceiling covered in the Dandy pattern. I'm not going to lie, I felt a little honored haha I would like to think I started this fabulous trend in Austin, even though I know I 100 percent did not.

Not only that, but I am very happy to see my personal studio celebrated in so many ways and am grateful for the image that caught my eye and inspired me. I hope my design continues to inspire others. 

Capturing light and bright. Photo by Julie Holder

Austin Monthly Magazine 2017. That's me! Photo by Julie Holder


Write by Patrice Rios

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