Project Blue Lake - Tile Selections From A Recently Renovated Kid Bath

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By Clay Imports  

Today, I’m diving into a recent renovation project: #ProjectBlueLake. If you haven’t had a chance to see any images from this project, I will tell you it’s very “tile forward” and in the best way possible!

White bathroom with blue tiles

Project Blue Lake / Photography: Charlotte Lea Photography


If you know one thing about me, it’s that I love a good tile. So I’m very excited to go behind the scenes a bit with you and share my selections (all from Clay Imports) for a bold and patterned kid bath.

To back up a bit, Clay Imports is located in Austin, Texas (which is one of my favorite cities to visit.) I love finding smaller shops to source from. And they have quite an array of product ranging in material, color, and pattern. When I started this project over a year ago, I was brought on at a point where the plans were drawn up, but no finish selections had been made by the clients. They knew they wanted something fun and bold for their kid bath which both their son and daughter would share.

The Selection

I gathered dozens upon dozens of selections to present: Varying blues and greens accompanied by graphic black and white patterns for a shower surround. The clients had done their homework, and the repetition in their inspiration images showed a graphic type of tile as one selection accompanied by perhaps a solid hue of some sort. Material at that point was up in the air…

Within minutes, we had zoned in on this “Square Layers” clay tile which is part of the Stone Textile Studios series. Talk about a first impression! The choice was daring, bold and edgy, which was exactly what the client wanted. This set the stage for the space, and after selecting this 8×8, I knew what direction to head next.

Black and white tiles in shower and bathtub

Square Layers Tile / Photography: Charlotte Lea Photography


With the black and white tile accompanied by a walnut vanity, I knew that we needed to add in color. I also knew that I wanted to play with scale. And opt for something that would be smaller compared to the shower surround. Without hesitation, we all unanimously gravitated towards the Ocean hued cement tile in a 4×4. This truly is THE best blue hue.

Black and white tiles in shower and bathtub

A peak of the Ocean floor tile accompanied by the shower surround
Photography: Charlotte Lea Photography


The result? A fun, graphic space that the kids will enjoy for years to come. If you are looking to source unique tile, definitely check out Clay Imports! They have a variety of material selection, color selection. And feature a variety of unique products under the umbrella of their “Artist Series.” I’ve linked a few additional favorites from this series below:

Bathroom with wood counter top and sink

Photography: Charlotte Lea Photography




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