Introducing Daedream Series

A tile line envisioned by pattern designer Shadé Akanbi

By Clay Imports

We are always looking to work with fantastic people who share our passion for design and the thrill of finding art in new materials. That is why we teamed up with Shadé Akanbi, the Creative Director and Designer of Printed Pattern People. When Shadé reached out for a new medium for her art, we wholeheartedly accepted and invited her to join our Clay SMA Residency in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. We are very proud to present the gorgeous and dreamy Daedream Series.

Patterned and Relief tiles

Unique tile patterns

The Daedream Series is rooted in African landscapes and motifs from Shadé’s travels. Shadé translates traditional and nontraditional patterns and textiles into modern interpretations for everyday use, and this collection exemplifies this philosophy. Everything in the Daedream Collection is named after something familiar in Nigerian and Black culture, like cowrie shells and collard greens and is designed to resemble those references. These expansive influences provide her handmade tile collection with cultural significance and a personalized artist’s touch unlike any other tile collection.

The tiles in this collection are 100% handmade. Handmade tiles exhibit natural variations, which are inherent traits of natural products like Terracotta. These variations are not defects but rather a natural part of the product. We highly recommend ordering samples before making a final purchase to confirm and appreciate these natural variations in each tile.

Daedream printed and Relief tilesTile finishes for your design options

These designs are so good… we just could not decide on a production style! We thought… Why not two? Daedream Series is available in printed, 8” x 8” tiles with a matte finish and in Relief Clay, a 6” x 6” gloss finish tile with a rich texture. The Relief 6” x 6” tiles are a smaller scaled design, offering a gorgeous detail to backsplashes, showers and barfaces. The glossy jewel-toned glazes are quite literally what our dreams are made of. Meanwhile, the printed pattern 8” x 8” versions of Daedream are larger scaled versions of each design and are ideal for bigger installation areas. You can effortlessly install both of these tile production styles, as demonstrated in our installation guide. Don't forget to consult a specialist in handmade tiles as well!

And to conserve your tiles, we invite you to take a look at our Clay Care products. These maintenance items have been carefully tested with our products, and they are designed to preserve your tiles' beauty, ensuring their longevity and durability. From sealers to cleaners, purchasing these maintenance items together with your tiles not only simplifies your order but also prepares you to enjoy your tiles for a long time.

Mudcloth design on tiles

Daedream Relief tiles

The glossy finished Relief tiles are our most intricate handmade tiles; each tile requires expert precision and focus from the tile artisans and will offer an incredible texture and vibrant color to your project. This smaller size tile is perfect to highlight your backsplashes, bathrooms and showers. Available in 4 different patterns with two color-ways per design, Relief tiles are the perfect choice to bring a modern look to your projects.

Color hues for Relief tiles
Each of the Daedream tiles are also available in printed clay 8” x 8”, in a matte finish. As we mentioned earlier, these printed tiles are bigger in size as well as in pattern than the gloss Relief tiles and they are more suitable for heavier traffic or use areas, so you can enjoy these beautiful patterned tiles also on floors and covered patios.
Color hues for printed tiles
The designs of the printed tiles are the same as the Relief tiles, but their finish and color hues will open more design possibilities.

Kente design

Kente is inspired by the traditional Kente Ghanaian textile, made of handwoven cloth, strips of silk and cotton, and worn by royalty among the Akan, native people in present-day Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo, in West Africa. The tile is patterned in two styles within the same tile: A square structure with a bold, contrasting zig zag pattern on half of the tile.

Exterior wall with Black and White tiles

Accent dining room wall with green and white tiles

The printed versions of this design are called Kente Crepe and Kente Vocho White and are a fantastic option to highlight any space. Kente Crepe is a delightful green and pink tile, while Kente Vocho is an elegant black and cream white tile that elevates the overall look of your installation. The Relief tiles versions are called Kente Ebony and Kente Shoreline and they have a rich, glossy texture and vibrant glazes.

Patterned green and white tile

Black and White floor patterned tiles

Palmetto design

South from the Horn of Africa, Kenya is a country known for its scenic landscapes and an incredible gastronomy. The Palmetto tile is a tribute for this natural treasure and tries to evoke the palm trees located in the most rich coast of the continent.Bar backsplash with floral green tiles

Kitchen backsplash with red and black floral tiles

The Relief tiles are available in two options, Palmetto Collard, featuring glazes formulated specifically for this collection: Collard, Cowrie and Olive and Palmetto Shoreline, with its own specialty glazes: Shoreline, Ebony and Yam. The printed Palmetto tiles are available in Tortuga, Vocho White and Avocado color-way, for the Palmetto Tortuga tile, and Pitch Black, Crepe with Michelada hues, for the Palmetto Crepe option.Green and black floral patterned tiles

Miti design

Inspired by the luscious jungles and botanical life of Aldea Zama, this gorgeous, floral patterned tile is a fun option to bring life to any installation. The pattern of this tile has been developed to create a bigger picture that will transport you to a tropical paradise.Accent wall with red and white flora patterned tiles

Kitchen backsplash with yellow and white floral patterned tiles

Relief Miti tile is available in Miti Olive and Miti Yam. The texture is present in the glazed areas of the tile,and transparent wax lines showing a hint of the terracotta tile body.  This contrast makes for an interesting texture within its negative space. The printed versions of Miti are called Miti Michelada and Miti Avocado, featuring more muted tones than the relief version but just as much interest with their larger pattern scale.Yellow and red floral patterned tiles

Mudcloth design

The mudcloth is a handmade cotton fabric, traditionally dyed with fermented mud. It has an important place in traditional Malian culture and has become a symbol of Malian cultural identity and a piece for high fashion and decoration.Backsplash with red and white gloss tile

Kitchen backsplash with black and white gloss tiles

Shadé was able to translate this important fabric into clay. The Relief versions of Mudcloth feature Ebony and Yam, both complemented with Cowrie. Meanwhile, the printed versions are available in Michelada and Pitch Black, both complemented with Vocho White.Patterned Clay tile

Black and White floor patterned tiles

Patterned and Relief tiles

Find your inspiration

The Daedream Series is a testament to African culture and the living evidence of how doing things with passion and being proud of your roots, can lead to incredible results. This collection is available in our online tile store, both for full purchase or samples. If you want to know more about Shadé Akanbi, our collaborating designer, make sure to check out our interview blog entry. And remember, if you have any questions or know an artist who will make a perfect new collection, don't hesitate to reach out to us at