4 Unique Ways To Use Tile In Your Home

Tile has long been a mainstay in bathrooms and kitchens, but there are so many other spaces that can be spruced up to provide a unique look, sure to catch the eyes of everyone walking by.

With the many varieties, tile is both durable and adaptable. My favorite part of tile is that you can create designs that reflect your personality and style! Playing with depth, dimension, orientation, and color always to mix things up.

Black Tip Hex for a kitchen accent wall backsplash

I love a tile accent wall! I use them frequently in bathrooms, bars, and even in bedrooms and creatively in other spaces. Tile costs vary depending on the intricacy of the design and the availability of materials. Accent walls or niches can be very budget friendly since you can avoid having to cover large surface areas. Below are a few of my recent tile projects done locally in Austin, TX.

Built-in Mini Wet Bar

This built-in mini wet bar I recently designed was a perfect way to take advantage of unused space under a staircase and create a statement with a minimal amount of material. 


Niches create a put-together look that makes your entire design seem well-thought-out. Not only are niches beautiful, they can also be functionally necessary for small spaces and can be designed in any room of your home.  I created this niche specifically for my dogs (Louie and Girlie!) on my kitchen island because they are my EVERYTHING and I felt it was important to think about the functionality around their everyday routine. I was able to expand the kitchen island since dog bowls no longer consumed floor space and also give them their own built-in area for food and water. And of course the combination of tile and Cambria surface allows for an easy clean-up and helps contain any mess! Win, win!

Niches create a put-together look


Let the stairs do the talking! I find stairwells often feel simple and dark, with the occasional decorative railing. This is a great way to spruce things up. I thoughtfully applied a geometric tile on the rise of the stairs to set a playful yet sophisticated tone for this home and give the eyes an area to move.

White tiles with black stars

Accent Bathroom Wall

An accent wall to feast your eyes on! The stunning iridescent tile sets the mood with its dark tone and adds a touch of glam to the space. This bathroom was designed with the perfect lighting to highlight its three-dimensional characteristic. I was thrilled with the outcome of this bathroom!

If you’re eager to experiment with tile design, I recommend starting where it’s easier to take more risks and do something different such as a laundry room or pantry. I typically remind clients that a little goes a long way. If you love something, you can always find a way to incorporate it without overusing it.

Leave your guests wanting more! Think outside the box! Don’t be afraid to go bold and create a space that showcases your personality and adds function. As you can see, small spaces, niches, and accent walls are perfect areas to begin. There are so many possibilities!! I am always open to collaborating with clients on designs and ideas so reach out if you’re in need of design assistance! :)

By Patrice Rios