Tile 101: Claro Glazed Terracotta

Say Goodbye to Maintenance Woes with our Revolutionary Terracotta Tile Innovation

By Clay Imports

The wait is over! After a lot of experimentation, in 2023 we are launching a new type of glazed terracotta tile. This new tile, we call Claro Glazed Terracotta, perfectly preserves all that we love about terracotta without the strict maintenance. This glossy glaze is so clear, you won’t even notice it's there, and is perfect for any space, like flooring, backsplashes, fire places; and finally, a natural terracotta tile that you can use in wet areas such as showers, patios and laundry rooms!

A waterproof terracotta sealer!

What is Claro Glazed Terracotta?

The look of natural terracotta is something we love: the deep burnt orange, the beiges and browns that fade into peach tones. But we know its maintenance can be a cumbersome chore, so we developed a tile that keeps the look, but is more durable and requieres less maintenance than regular terracotta glazed tiles.

Given the fact that we are the first tile makers in the world to glaze Saltillo tile, we were confident to bring you an amazing product and we are very proud to finally show you the result of this effort.

What’s the Difference between glazed and unglazed terracotta tile?

Unglazed Terracotta has been a popular tile option for centuries! We offer our unglazed terracotta with various protective sealant finishes (click here to see our natural terracotta tiles). Sealed terracotta are acceptable for most indoor applications, but they only offer temporary protection and will patina over time. We love a good patina but maintenance and resealing sometimes can be tiresome.

Also, sealed unglazed terracotta is not suitable for all applications such as showers, wet areas and some exterior environments due to factors such as moisture and sun that can break down the sealer faster, leading to higher maintenance over time.

The main advantage of glazing is that it creates a protective layer over the tile. This is particularly important for terracotta floor tiles as they are more prone to cracking or staining over time. The glaze effectively creates a barrier between the terracotta and elements that might affect it such as furniture and foot traffic. Glaze application reduces its porosity, enhances its durability, and minimizes the risk of damage from regular wear and tear.

Waterproof Terracotta tileGlazed terracotta can endure spill better than unglazed

Glazed terracotta tiles are not only durable, but transparent glazes also enhance the natural clay color and texture of the terracotta. Additionally, glazed tiles are generally easier to clean and maintain than unglazed tiles, which allows them to be used in kitchens and wet areas, giving them a natural yet modern design. The durable surface created by the glaze prevents dirt, grime, and spills from seeping into the tile, making it effortless to wipe clean.

Terracotta tiles are known (and loved) for their natural clay brown color. And different sealant finishes can change this look in different ways. For example, matte sealant will highlight the yellow and pink tones of your tile, while keeping the pale tone of those colors, making a good option for a more neutral design. Claro glaze enhances the coloration of the terracotta like our gloss seal, which has deeper reds and brighter yellow and orange tones, giving it a modern but vibrant look.

Moreover, glazing provides a wide range of design possibilities for terracotta tiles. This versatility allows for customization of the tile's appearance to match various styles and design preferences in a diverse range of projects. And with the introduction of the new Claro glaze, these possibilities will be expanded to an even greater extent than before!

Differences between glazed and unglazed terracotta tilesClaro glazed compared with regular gloss seal

Natural terracotta, improved

Natural terracotta is porous, which is part of its charm and gives its natural rustic, cozy look. But porosity also means the tile can absorb liquids leading to permanent staining if not properly sealed and maintained, damaging your precious tile.

Claro has a glaze that allows it to be practically waterproof terracotta tiles. This improvement will finally make you able to use natural terracotta in places where you couldn’t before, like bathrooms, showers, and most other wet areas that are not in harsh freezing conditions.

This also translates to a terracotta floor tile that is easier to maintain and is more resistant to patina than traditional sealed terracotta products that patina overtime and with use, which makes it the ideal terracotta floor tile for commercial applications.

Hence, Claro Glazed Terracotta one of the most durable terracotta tiles to date.

Natural terracotta tiles with Claro glaze

Types and shapes of Claro Glazed Terracotta

As any other type of natural terracotta, Claro Glazed Terracotta comes in a beautiful, natural clay color with noticeable variations within the same batch of tile, because it is also a handmade tile. The glaze is completely transparent, so you won’t lose any detail of this natural terracotta look.

And about all the shapes and sizes available, Claro Glazed Terracotta is also available in all of our Glazed Terracotta Shapes and Sizes.

Shapes and sized for Claro glazed terracotta tiles

Installation and maintenance of Claro Glazed Terracotta

Installing Claro Glazed Terracotta is similar to installing other glazed terracotta tile, but there are always certain important considerations to keep in mind. If you're interested in learning how to install glazed terracotta tiles, we provide an easy-to-follow guide for your reference.

If you're unsure about which type of project is best suited for your Claro Glazed Terracotta or if you're seeking maintenance tips and tricks, feel free to consult our comprehensive 101 guide specifically tailored to glazed tiles. It will provide you with valuable information and insights.

How to install Terracota tiles with Claro Glaze

You can order these new Claro Glazed Terracotta tiles online here. Remember, you can order them in all shapes and forms available for Terracotta tiles, so make sure to check the page completely in order to find the best option for you.

And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@clayimports.com or chat with us here.