So Domino: A Nod To The Original Flooring In This Charming 1930s Bungalow

"Adam Vehik was keen on paying respect to the classic charm of his Austin home" 

By Clay Imports

After living in the original space for a few years, he called on local architect Elizabeth Baird and interior designer Sara Oswalt of Purveyor Design to help spruce up the existing house[…]

In the kitchen Baird kept the original layout, but she ripped up the black-and-white linoleum flooring and went with red oak to match the original flooring restored in the front four rooms of the home. And as a nod to the original flooring, she installed geometric tile from local company Clay Imports in the space that separates the dining room. “It breaks up the expanse of the wood floor,” she explains.

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Photography by Casey Dunn

Written by Lauren Jones (Domino)