Redfin’s 22 Gorgeous and Unique Tile Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

How to create an Oasis in your Backyard

By Clay Imports

Interior design fans will know that even as trends come and go, tile remains a top versatile decor element that can breathe life into any space in a home. Especially if you go beyond tile’s go-to spot on a bathroom floor. And as much as we love tried-and-true subway tile, with so many unique color schemes and patterns to choose from, there’s nothing like a vibrant tile design to showcase your personality in a space.

Whether you’re looking to refresh a kitchen backsplash or add some flair to your entryway, we’ve got you covered. Redfin reached out to us and other tile experts from Tucson, AZ, all the way to Markham, ON, for unique tile ideas that you can incorporate into your home interior.

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Here's our tip on how you can mix things up and create a one-of-a-kind look in your home. Create a feeling of ultimate luxury with an outdoor shower. Outdoor showers are a great addition to the alfresco lifestyle. In fact, it encourages even more of it. For a few brief moments, it transports you to a more exotic locale than your own backyard.

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