Meet the Maker: Mike Alfaro of Millennial Lotería

By Clay Imports

At Clay Imports, partnering with makers and artisans is something that we are extremely passionate about. And, as most of our tile making takes place in Mexico, we are especially lucky when we get the chance to work with those that speak on Latinx life and culture. Mike Alfaro is the creator behind Millennial Lotería. It's the classical remix of what is often referred to as “Mexican Bingo.” He reimagines the outdated Latinx representation in Lotería and humorously updates it to reflect a more modern millennial generation.

Mike Alfaro is a Creative Director based in Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in Guatemala, he has used his knowledge of Hispanic insights to advise and direct multiple award-winning advertising campaigns geared towards a multicultural audience.


The game is all about updating the way Latinx immigrants are viewed. It aims to break down stereotypes. And also allows for some fun and games along the way. Each card, is digitally produced but has a hand-drawn feel thanks to brushes, aging techniques and color. It portrays varying people but is updated to 2020 standards. In collaboration with creator Mike, Clay Imports has turned the beloved Millennial Lotería into tile.

“La Dama” (The Lady) is now “La Feminist”, a much more appropriate card to describe the women of our generation according to Alfaro. For example, “Las Jaras” (The Arrows) are now “La Hashtag” and “La Sirena” (The Mermaid) is now “La Selfie.” The game even tackles global issues like “La Student Debt”, “El Global Warming” and "La Border Wall" You will also find parodies on some tech trends like “El Tinder” and “La Uber.” Furthermore, inspired by people from Alfaro’s own life, the game is relatable as well.


Our Artist Series Millennial Loteria features 35 pieces of handmade awesomeness. To honor the game, all tiles are card size (approximately 3"x4"). This collection is part of our relief tiles. And, each piece meticulously painted by hand. You can pick and choose your favorites or get the whole set!


While Alfaro originally conceived Millennial Lotería as an Instagram account, it went viral with 58,000 followers strong. Even, The New York Times featured it. Eventually, it all just goes to show how much representation matters now more than ever.


Mike Alfaro hosts a Millennial Lotería every Saturday 6PM PST Live on Instagram. So grab your bitcoins and prepare to yell “Yaaaaasssssssssss, Millennial Lotería!”

By Lauren Jones