5 Benefits of Customizing Your Own Tile With Clay Imports

Start creating a personalized tile, that is uniquely yours

 By Clay Imports

At Clay Imports, we are constantly creating new tile designs and color combinations. The options you see in our Austin, TX showroom and our website are just a small percentage of the artisan tile that we can produce.

For years, we’ve worked with local artists to encourage them to produce their own custom tile designs and tile projects.

But now more than ever, everyone is becoming their own DIY designer. And we’re here for it.

Now anyone can customize their own tile!

With Clay Imports digital tile customization tool, you can mix match designs, sizes, and color palettes as you see fit. Here are five reasons we think you'll want to use it:

  • Stop sacrificing the perfect project. We’ve heard it for years - the perfect tile design, but the color just doesn’t quite color match a room's palette. Rather than sacrificing the pattern you want or settling for the second-best color, you can now use the tile customization tool to get the perfect tile for your project. No sacrifices needed.
  • Customize your tile with a few clicks. No long design consultations with back-and-forth emails and options, extra fees, or extensive processes. The tool shows all colors, designs, and sizes available for customization - with a few clicks, you’ll have found the best option for your project.
  • Your custom tile order is more sustainable. With customized tile, you’re reducing the waste of larger product orders that have extra leftover pieces and larger packaging footprints. By ordering exactly what you require, there’s no waste in the process.
  • Shipping time and cost is reduced. Our customized tile orders take four weeks to produce and two weeks to ship directly from Mexico. These orders aren’t making any stops along the way at our showroom. More quickly produced, more quickly shipped right to you. 
  • Planning your tile ahead makes your project go more smoothly. By ordering your tile earlier in the process, there’s no need to scramble last minute for tile orders. With a tile order in place, you can plan your project - countertops, paints, and wallpaper - all around the custom tile order.

Order your samples using this new tool today!  And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@clayimports.com or chat with us here.