Our Favorite Fireplace Tile Designs

By Clay Imports


With fall in full swing, this is the time to revamp your fireplace to create an extra cozy space. While there are plenty of ways to add thoughtful fall design accents, like decor, pillows and comfy blankets, a stylishly tiled fireplace surround takes your living room to the next level.

But often, the fireplace tends to be overlooked as a style option to make your living room pop. One of the biggest trends we’ve seen with fireplace surrounds is using tile to boost the aesthetic.

Below we’ve compiled a list of tips and options to turn your fireplace from an eyesore into breathtaking. But first—the most common question:

What tile can I use for fireplace surrounds?

Great news. All Clay Imports tiles are suitable for fireplace surrounds or heaths- as long as they are not exposed to direct fire or extreme heat. The reason? Our clay tiles are already fired! And our cement tiles are cured to withstand moderate heat. 

With that out of the way, let’s move on to some fireplace tile design inspiration.

Pattern matters for fireplace tile

Consider infusing your fireplace with an elegant, traditional look. You can use an understated pattern tile and arrange it neatly. Lauren and Chase Daniel use our thin brick subway tile in a stacked arrangement to update their former stone fireplace surround.  

As Lauren describes in her living room makeover: “Some bricks are more matte than others, and they have lots of variations in texture. Brick is so warm and inviting, which is often the opposite of how people would describe a modern space. By using dimensional bricks, we added that warm feel while still keeping the modern feel of our home.” 


Bold Fireplace Designs

When it comes to picking the best tile for refreshing an old fireplace, we recommend COLOR! Proving that blue mermaid tiles are not just for bathrooms, graphic designer Curtis Jinkins of Neighborhood Studio took an unconventional route with our Abanico Aqua crackle makes a big statement in this funky layout.

Abanico Aqua Clay Tile Fireplace Surround

Abanico Aqua Crackle

Complementing the Space

The designers of High Contrast House are known for their fearless designs. This space features a fun and playful pattern on the fireplace surround. Our Juice Black blends in perfectly, while providing a sense of playfulness in this eclectic home.

Juice Black Tile Fireplace Surround

Juice Black Fireplace Design by High Contrast House

The Centerpiece

When it came to the fireplace backsplash, The Sursy designer Lauren Richardson knew it needed to make a statement in the large, main living space. The team chose to build large, custom benches on either side, and tiled the entire fireplace in white thin brick, using an unconventional layout. (Read more about this project here). 

Fireplace with black tiles

Glazed Thin White Gloss Fireplace Design. Photography by Home Skillet Photo

White Brick Pairings

Working with neutrals can be daunting. And a creative way to include both pattern and personality is picking a muted pallet. Interior designer Amy Dulak of Wild Juniper Studio perfectly arranged our gray and white Orleans pattern to complement the white brick fireplace.

Terracotta Vibes

We are so happy earthy tones are appreciated again. We all crave connection to our planet, sustainable design and natural materials. Bandd Design created a beautiful, understated fireplace that features our Terracotta Saltillo hexagon tiles.

Fireplace with terracotta tiles

4″ Saltillo Hexagon Fireplace Design. Photography by Molly Culver

Moody Interiors

Daring hues mix well together can add a strong statement to a neutral space. Enter this living room design by Becca Stephens Interiors. This home’s design is inspired by the architectural beauty of Morocco. Our Agadir Black on the fireplace surround is perfectly reflecting the vibe the designer and homeowners were going for.

Becca Stephens Black Clay Tile Fireplace Surround Design

Agadir Black Clay Fireplace Design

The list goes on!

You'll be staring at your fireplaces soon enough, might as well make it the design focal point by adding tile. if you have any questions or require more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@clayimports.com or chat with us here.