Everything You Need to Know: Glazed Thin Brick

By Clay Imports

Glazed Thin Brick is the perfectly imperfect, durable, and timeless subway tile trend. It is certainly an incredibly beautiful addition to a residential or commercial project. We've built a guide to learn everything you need to know about this unique tile.

Where is glazed thin brick made?

Artisans handcraft this tile exclusively for Clay Imports in Saltillo, the terracotta tile hub of Mexico. Fun fact: Clay Imports was the first company in the world to glaze Saltillo tile!

How is glazed thin brick made?

We use 100% natural clay, native to Northern Mexico for this product. For more than 300 years, people have been firing Saltillo in Mexico, but three years ago we asked how one could go about glazing. Thus, we took glazing technology from Morocco and brought it to Saltillo. This new subway tile is now one of our most popular products.

Glazed Thin Brick White GlossWhen glaze hits terracotta beautiful things happen!

Should I use glazed thin brick for my home?

It’s important to note that our Glazed Thin Brick has high variation in size, color, and texture. If you embrace a rustic handmade tile look, this is the tile for you. 

However, if you prefer a more refined product, we recommend browsing our clay collection.

Also, you can install this tile almost anywhere as long as it is not under freezing conditions. To fully understand size and color variations, we suggest ordering a minimum order of four (4) sample pieces.

Glazed Thin Brick Forest showing color variation.
High variation in color, size, and thickness make this tile one of a kind

What are the size and color options for glazed thin brick?

Our Glazed Thin Brick is approximately 2.5" wide x 8" long or 3” wide x 12” long. And, as the name indicates: it is thinner than regular brick pavers, just about 1/2” thick.

Color options are plentiful and range from soothing neutrals to rich jewel tones: just choose from any of these colors. You might have seen on our Instagram: white gloss, noir, light green, and forest are our most popular glaze options.

Shower room with white glazed tiles

Glazed Thin Brick Noir Black Fireplace
"Noir" by Glynis Wood Interiors

Glazed Thin Brick Light green in Chelsea Meissner's Kitchen Chelsea Meissner's Kitchen in “Light Green”

Glazed Thin Brick White Gloss in a shower wallSarah Viebrock selected our “White Gloss”

Which way can I lay glazed thin brick?

There is no wrong way to pattern glazed thin brick - but we've included a handful of popular options below.


Design options for glazed thin brick tiles installation 

Unconventionally fresh layout at Pitchfork Pretty - Photography by Shelby SorrelUnconventionally fresh layout at Pitchfork Pretty - Photography by Shelby Sorrel 

Where can I install glazed thin brick?

Glazed Thin Brick is suitable for wall and flooring applications, both commercial and residential. You can install this product on a kitchen backsplash, shower walls and floors, fireplace surrounds, coffee bars, and many other areas, including certain outdoor installations!

Glazed Thin Brick Fireplace “Noir” Fireplace by Chase and Lauren Daniel

How do you pair glazed thin bricks with other tiles?

Glazed Thin brick, pairs very well with terracotta tiles of the same texture. This is probably our favorite! Also, the “modern farmhouse” look makes for a nice match with hardwood or shiplap. Another popular option is pairing the rustic brick with a bold pattern floor tile.

Glazed Thin Brick White Gloss for a kitchen backsplash "White Gloss" by Tina Hambly

"Forest" + Bold Palace Flooring by Daiku Build Company "Forest" + Bold Palace Flooring by Daiku Build Company

How do I install glazed thin brick?

Remove all tiles from the box, lay them out and blend them for a natural look. Expect to find a few pieces of tile with glaze chips. You can sort these tiles out and use them for cuts. Actually, tiles with chips, flakes, and irregularities will emphasize the handcrafted look of your installation.

Clay Imports recommends installing Glazed Thin Brick with a joint spacing of, Min 1/16” and Max: 1/2.” Installation is comparable to conventional tile installation. There is no additional sealing required. Please refer to our Glazed Thin Brick installation road map for details and reach out to us with any questions.

Glazed thin brick noir black installation "Noir" fireplace installation - Photography by Chase Daniel

What trim pieces are used with Glazed Thin Brick?

If you are in need of it, we recommend three different trim options for our Glazed Thin Brick.

1 : You can special order glazed edge, either on the 8” side (long side) or the 2.5” side (short side).

2 : If you do prefer a more traditional edging, you can select a special order glazed single bullnose either on the 8” side (long side) or the 2.5” side (short side).

3 : We recommend finishing the edges with a Schluter trim, more specifically a Schluter Schiene ⅝” in Satin Anodized Aluminum. You can paint this edging for a neat and clean look to finish your installation.

Bathroom and counter top with white glazed tiles Urbane Design selected a Single Bullnose Edging

Glazed Thin Brick White with a Schluter Schiene ⅝” in Satin Anodized Aluminium. Schluter trim option for a neat finish

How do I order glazed thin brick?

First things first, we recommend reviewing samples prior to full order purchase. You can check out up to five samples at no shipping cost online.

Ready to order the full amount?

    • Double-check your measurements. Clay Imports Glazed Thin Brick converts to 7 pieces per square foot.
    • Please add at least 15% extra for cuts and waste. You can purchase online, call our office at 512-836-8500, or email your sales and design consultant or reach out on our general inquiries line at contact@clayimports.com

    And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@clayimports.com or chat with us here.


    Disclaimer: since the installation of tile greatly determines the integrity of the project and the tile itself, Clay imports does not warranty this product and is not responsible for dissatisfaction of material following installation. Please inspect all tile upon receipt and notify us immediately if you have any quality concerns. This guide is meant to serve as a general resource. Because each project is unique, consult your tile installer before installing your tile.