Glazed Edges Chalk

$6.00 USD
  • The Glazed Edge Tile trim incorporates our standard field tile sizes but with all glazed edges. This style is particularly popular when you are looking for a clean and modern finish to an installation that has exposed edges. This trim option offers Clay Imports customers with increased installation flexibility without additional costs per glazed edge side.
  • Ordering trim tiles and field tiles together is recommended to minimize potential color variation between the two. Doing so enables a better color match and creates a seamless transition, as it increases the likelihood of receiving products from the same production batch and reduces the chance of noticeable color discrepancies.
Side 2" 3" 4"
Linear Foot 6 pcs 4 pcs
3 pcs
Side 6" 8" 12"
Linear Foot 2 pcs 1.5 pcs 1 pc

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