Statement Patio Tile For The Ultimate Al Fresco Experience

By Clay Imports 


Infuse Style and Personality into your Outdoor Space. Our favorite patio tile projects.

With restricted public outdoor spaces, this is the time to revamp your outdoor space to gather safely and in style. While there are plenty of ways to add thoughtful design accents, like lush greenery and inviting patio furniture, a stylishly tiled patio floor takes your exterior to the next level.

Think of your outdoor space as a rare slice of square footage, that will serve as your oasis to soak in a bit of fresh air and sunshine without doing much more than opening a door.

Ready for our favorite Patio Tile Projects?

As sunny days and warmer nights are here, it’s the perfect time to pay attention to the patio you’ve been neglecting. Let’s start with clearing droopy plants and dirt sticking on the sun-bleached floor. Voilà, here is your new blank canvas! Now it’s time to choose your patio tile.

Front Porch Magic

Neighborhood hangs have become popular during the pandemic, so why not make your front porch a lovely place to look at, and a lovely place to spend time



Stoop envy anyone? The unique mix of black and white hexagon tiles is playful and inviting. And, guaranteed, no one else in your neighborhood has such a fun entrance. Also, we hear that the designers picked the same layout in the kitchen (see project here), connecting the indoors and outdoors effortlessly. 

CB Crafted Homes with Clay Imports

Design by CB Crafted Homes. Photo by Lisa Woods

The classic white brick walls put the focus on the black and white patio tile for a modern and clean look. Pair it with handmade furniture, like, and you have achieved the sophisticated entrance any visitor will enjoy.

A Secluded Retreat in the City

Patio design by Meredith Owens with Clay Imports

Design by Meredith Owens

Pool design by Meredith Owen with Clay Imports

Design by Meredith Owens

A rather unexpected color pallet Meredith Owens Interiors created their own custom pattern and rose colorway to add extra personality. Soft blues and pinks harmonizing with the stark white patio furnishings instill an elegantly modernized feel to the refined patio setup.

Mother Nature Vibes

Terracotta tiles with The Tile Press and Clay ImportsDesign by The Tile Press

Earthy tones are all the hype this year, as we crave connection to our planet, sustainable design and natural materials. Terracotta Saltillo tiles are not only environmentally friendly, they are also relatively easy to maintain. Furthermore, they age just beautifully transporting you to a sophisticated and old-world-feel ambiance.

Colorful Playgrounds

Design by Katie Kubicek

This literal hangout builds on the funky patterned floor tile and swinging furniture pieces. If you are lucky to have an upstairs patio, turn it into your outdoor sanctuary.

Don’t hesitate to use pattern tiles! If you are concerned to get tired of the boldness or that it would go out of style, just make your patio tile your own! Jen Pinkston created a custom color tile and designed an unconventional installation layout that will be eye candy for a lifetime.

Calming Sanctuary

Design and Photo by Chase Daniel

Perfect for family gatherings, casual barbecue nights, and kid’s playground, this double herringbone floor layout checks all the boxes. Neutral colors, like the white main floor harmonizes perfectly with the wooden accents and greenery.

Design by SRD Builders

Opt for an understated, chic, porch flooring, like our Palace Gray, if you like other decor items to stand out. This screened porch features an impromptu setup outdoors with a wooden folding table and chairs. We couldn’t think of a better spot for our morning coffee.

Give your Steps a Facelift

Spanish Cotto and Roseton cement tile

Patterned tiles really make an entrance. Neighborhood envy guaranteed with our Spanish Cotto floor tiles, and floral, Roseton, cement tile stair risers.



Designer Jen Zafros carefully selected a high fired terracotta floor and hand painted Mexican tile for a one-of-a-kind outdoor space we could hang out on all day.

Mexican Courtyard Vibes

Design by Meredith Shapiro

This Mexico-inspired archway looks like it just jumped off the pages of a San Miguel de Allende travel brochure. A quick glance at it makes clear how the terracotta and hand-painted Mexican tile stairs truly create a serenity-evoking sanctuary.

What goes better with Saltillo tile than handmade Mexican tile? We think this classic and proven design choice we admire so often in Mexico, really makes your outdoors a magical place.

Create the ultimate Luxury with Outdoor Showers

Otomi Tile by Clay Imports

Design by Ayse Iyriboz

What Clay Imports Tile is Suitable for Outdoors? 

All Clay Imports tiles are suitable for outdoors – as long as they are not exposed to heavy freezing. Our most durable outdoor tile is our high fired Spanish Cotto, followed by our clay tile collection. Saltillo tile is also a staple in outdoor applications, and has upgraded patios and courtyards in Latin America and the Southern United States for centuries. Our cement tile collection is also a beautiful outdoor tile choice. However, keep in mind the heavy patina that makes a cement tile design. If appreciated, it’s a design choice you will embrace for a lifetime!

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