Clay Imports Featured In The New York Times

Our very own Canan Kaba contributes to a report on the emerging terracotta trend!

Catch Clay Imports in the latest edition of The New York Times! Journalist Lia Picard penned “The Ceramics Obsession Has Moved to Our Walls” which features contributions from our very own Canan Kaba. Seems like we’re not the only ones obsessed with terracotta tile anymore. Picard writes about the recent resurgence of terracotta in not only tiled floors but also walls. Everything ceramics is having a moment, from social media home trends to Seth Rogen’s new side-hustle it seems like everyone wants a piece of clay.


At Clay Imports we have always championed and revered the versatility and imperfectly perfect beauty of handmade terracotta. In a world with so many perfect lines and sterile design, handcrafted terracotta resembles the real world. A new generation of adults are decorating their first homes and crave an imprint of human touch in their spaces. Its pores, cracks and varied tones of orange-brown gold are familiar to what we know. 

“During the pandemic, everything had to be sterile and sleek [...] we crave this natural thing that somebody made with their hand, feel connected to the earth, connected to the people who make it.”

One of our favorite clients, the talented interior designer Annie Downing, is also featured in the article. She praises the unique, organic beauty of Zellige ceramic tiles. Annie recounts a charming moment when she stumbled upon a nail that had been baked into a tile, adding to its character and making it a delightful addition to a kitchen backsplash.


Check out the article and let us know what you think. Is ceramic tile a trend or a timeless staple? What’s your favorite terracotta tile? As one of the oldest tile in the world circles back around to popularity make sure to stay on top of the trend by taking a look through our full terracotta line up. 

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