Modern Meets Big Texas Personality: The Big View Tile Selection

Jessica Love carefully curated a tile selection to revamp a primary and guest bathroom with much impact

Interior designer Jessica Love, is the principal designer of award-winning Urbane Design, a staple in Austin’s design community.
Jess Dress BlackPhotography by Sarah Natsumi Moore
White subway tiles by Clay Imports
Photography by Sarah Natsumi Moore

The Tile Selection

The Primary Bath

The real star of the primary bathroom is the tile selection. The designers sourced hand-made imported tile from Austin’s own Clay Imports for the shower walls and a triple hexagon porcelain for the bathroom floor. For an unconventional design, they decided to lay the shower wall tiles in a double herringbone pattern to contrast a large, dramatic black hexagon pattern on the bathroom floor. Then, they accented the black tiling with two black barn doors at the bathroom’s entrance, which at a distance, meets with the flooring and creates satisfying cohesion throughout the room.

White subway tiles by Clay Imports

Photography by Sarah Natsumi Moore

The Guest Bath

While the guest bathroom is smaller, it is definitely not lacking in drama. Urbane Design chose natural Brazilian black slate tile for the floor and triangular tiles. 

For the shower—from Clay Imports. The cabinets are stained white oak topped with a gray quartz vanity. Black fixtures add contrast to the countertops, while the abstract wallpaper, flown in from the UK, in various shades of blue bring dramatic visual interest. They finished off the entire bathroom with an organically-shaped brass mirror that adds just the right element of surprise and mix of metals.

White subway tiles by Clay Imports

Photography by Sarah Natsumi Moore

With their remodeled primary and guest bathroom, the homeowner is able to begin and end their day in the most functional room in the home. The unique style brought to these spaces are a display of their vibrant personalities to all who enter their home.

More About Urbane Design

Urbane Design specializes in new build and remodels in the Austin area. Harnessing what make their clients truly unique and bring those traits to life through interior design is the firm’s purpose. View their brilliantly designed spaces on their website and follow @theurbandesign on Instagram.

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