Clay Imports Tile - Wet Area Installation Guide

-A Downloadable PDF for Wet Area Installation Guide

Though handmade Clay Imports Tile is not rated to withstand extreme freezing conditions,
if properly installed, this product will endure decades of use.
For best results, follow these instructions.  


1. Dip Seal all tile:
Prior to installation of your Clay Imports Tile, seal the tile with an adequate penetrating sealer.
We recommend
Prime-A-Pell 200.
The most effective method for sealing your tile is to dip the entire body of the tile, one piece at a time, into a bucket of sealer.
Leave the tile submerged in sealer for approximately 5 seconds. Remove the tile from the sealer and lay the tile, face up.
Allow to dry for 1 hour.

2. Confirm that the surface that you will be installing on has been properly waterproofed.
We recommend waterproofing with
Laticrete 9235.

3. Adhere the tile with a high grade latex fortified thin-set mortar.
Ensure that the back of the tile is fully buttered, leaving no air pockets.
We recommend installing the tile with a 3/16” joint

4. Grout the joints with a high grade Polymer infused mortar.
We recommend
Mapei UltraColor Plus.
Note that this is a fast drying grout. Do not allow the grout to dry on the surface of the tile for too long.
Apply the grout in small sections to reduce the risk of over-drying on the tile surface.

5. Once the installation is complete and fully dry, apply 2 to 3 additional coats of penetrating sealer to the finished surface.
Wipe away excess sealer from the surface prior to drying.  

Though Clay Imports Tiles are resistant to low level acidic materials, we do not guarantee that they withstand extreme freezing conditions - this item is not rated as frost proof.

If we can assist your installer in anyway, please contact us anytime.