Clay Imports Return Policy

Clay Imports does not accept returns on any of our products.
Please consider your order carefully and view samples prior to purchase.

- A Downloadable PDF for Return Policy -


-Incorrect items received
If we have made an error on your purchase and we sent you the incorrect product,
we will arrange for a replacement shipment as soon as possible at our expense.
Please message us as soon as you discover the error.

-Damaged Deliveries
Sometimes items get damaged during shipping. It is expected that a very small percentage of your tile will arrive chipped or scratched.
Note that these pieces can be used for cuts. Considering that our tiles are handmade and hand packed, they are susceptible to damage.
We advise ordering at least 10% more than your project area.
If your orders arrives and the packaging is visibility and excessively damaged,
please ask the delivery driver to note the shipping ticket with a description of the damage.
Also, for claims submission, take pictures of the damaged shipment prior to unpacking the order and of any broken materials.
In most cases, we can replace the damaged tiles immediately at no additional cost.

-For deliveries made by freight, if the carton has extensive external damages, it is to your benefit to refuse the delivery and let the carrier keep and return the product to us.
Any product accepted with visual damage should be documented with the carrier in order for us to file a claim.

If any of the above circumstances occur, please notify us within 3 business days from the date you receive your order.
You may call us at 512-836-8500 or email us at