Half Black/White Clay

    Size : point to point 9" + side to side 8"
    Finish : Semi Gloss
    Texture :
    Variation :
    V-2 (Slight Variation)
    Lead time : Made to order. Ships from warehouse within 6-8 weeks.Sample : Sample Available Immediately.
    • Please input your needed square footage in the box below. We recommend adding an additional 15% to your actual area to account for overage, cuts and waste.

    What is Encaustic Pattern Clay Tile?

    Clay Imports developed our “Encaustic Pattern Clay” line, to simulate the look of cement tiles immediately following insulation, with a mild sheen - like the Half Black/White Clay. We produced this line by applying a decorative glaze layer on top of a durable clay body then firing the tile at a high temperature. The firing process makes this produce resilient to moisture absorption. Therefore, they do not need to be sealed (low maintenance tile) and will not patina. Though they are also handmade and include great handmade characteristics, they are easier to care for than popular cement tiles and significantly easier to installer. If you are looking for a low maintenance tile, then go with Encaustic Pattern Clay.
    • No sealing required
    • No staining
    • Low maintenance
    • Compatible with transitioning to other flooring materials.
    • Only 1/2" tile body thickness
    • An overall size tolerance is less than 2mm
    Important Installation Note

    Half Black/White Clay tiles show variation in colors and design; these tiles will not be identical piece to piece. This is a result of the handmade process and the nature of glaze firing. If properly installed, Encaustic CLAY tiles will result in a beautiful, durable, easy to maintain surface that can be enjoyed for many years. Please read our encaustic pattern clay installation guideline prior to installation.
    • Mixing tiles from different boxes during setting is suggested to produce a beautiful and natural appearance.Mixing tiles from different boxes during setting is suggested to produce a beautiful and natural appearance.

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