SKU: The Damn Good Polished

The Damn Good Polished

per piece

Size: 8″x8”
Thickness: 5/8”
Coverage: 1 sq.ft. = 2.25 pcs
Design by Chioco Design.

Terrazzo polished Cement?
Much denser concrete and far less susceptible to staining than standard cement tiles.

In stock in Austin. Ready to ship within 3-5 business days.

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Actual Area (sq. ft.) 0.44
Total Price $6.90


About Terrazzo Polished Cement Tile

Clay Imports sources all tiles responsibly from places we appreciate. Needless to say, we visit each international partner and their production facilities regularly.

The terrazzo polished cement tiles are a traditional material that is entirely handmade. They are a version of classic cement tiles and they contain small pieces of marble. Visually, this gives the terrazzo tiles a special texture and a silk-like feel to the touch without causing any negative change in the slip rates. Technically, terrazzo tiles have an even higher endurance and lower absorption rates than the classic cement tiles.

However, the real advantage the terrazzo tiles offer is the thickness of the color layer (6-8 mm) which makes them suitable for grinding in 5-10 years if needed when any staining occurs. A new layer of color appears after the grinding and the continual use of the tiles is possible without the need to change them.


Install and Maintain Cement Tiles

Clay Imports offers installation services in Austin, Texas.We pride ourselves in meticulous installation work. Our crew works on point. Feel free to contact us for an installation quote. Also, take a look at out our recommendations of how to install and maintain handmade cement tiles. And finally, please reach out anytime if you have questions.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 in