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Standard Chair Black

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The Standard Chair is the staple of the New School Equipal collection. It is a more refined version of the conventional equipal chair and includes only the essential, organic materials.  The Standard Chair Black is perfect for dinner tables, office spaces, or any area that calls for practical and comfortable seating.


Handcrafted equipales were designed over 500 years ago by skilled artisans of the Aztec Empire in central Mexico. Using organic and regional materials to craft furniture that provided both comfort and aesthetic pleasure, these artisans inspired a design concept that has been passed down through generations, standing the test of time. Today, authentic equipal furniture is handmade in Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco, a small town located south of Guadalajara.


During the 20th century, equipales became popular through the rise of photography of beach resorts in Mexico. However, as demand for and production of equipales increased, their quality began to suffer. The goal of our New School Equipal collection is to restore high quality in equipal furniture while focusing on sustainability. This collection is composed of 100% natural and biodegradable products, such as locally sourced leather, Mexican rosewood, and waxed cotton twine. Furthermore, our furniture is now available in select water-based colors, vegan options, and custom sizes.


In our collaboration with Austin-based designer Chris McCray, we are committed to the original equipal design concept from over 500 years ago, and we use materials that are 100% organic and biodegradable. For added practicality, we’ve simplified the concept to include only the essential, organic materials. This means that your furniture, after having served its lifelong purpose of providing you with comfort, can return to the earth’s soil.


Today, polyurethane foam, a product of the petroleum industry, is commonly used in seat cushions. The polymer can be harmful both to your health and to the environment. This is why we use crushed agave fibers instead of foam cushions for padding.

Additional information

Overall Dimensions

Width : 25" Depth : 22" Height : 30"

Interior Dimensions

Width : 19 1/2" Depth : 17" Height : 17"


18 lbs


Leather, Rosewood

Country of Origin

Made in Mexico

Care and Maintenance

In order to maintain the furniture’s high-quality, we suggest regular applications of leather conditioner and wood-furniture polish. If your leather gets scratched and you’re not going for the aged look, we have touch-up paints available to repair those subtle damages. Lastly, if your equipal gets wet, avoid drying it in the sun. Instead, let it dry slowly indoors or in a shaded area.


Equipal furniture should be used indoors or in covered outdoor settings. Avoid exposing the furniture to regular direct sunlight, rain, humidity, or cold temperature. Whether you decide to employ our furniture indoors or outdoors, in a house, restaurant, or resort, rest assured that it will set the stage for an exceptionally pleasing experience. Our New School Equipal furniture can transform any setting into a cozy, attractive space.


Our New School Equipal Collection is suitable for both residential and commercial use. If placing an order for a commercial project, such as a restaurant or bar, please contact a Clay Imports sales associate. We will gladly review your order details and ensure that you are purchasing the most appropriate items for your project.

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