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Palmas Green


Architectural when close, luscious texture and light bounce in a repeated field. Suggests frost in light blue, sparkling water in darker blue, and lush under brush in emerald.

4″ – Made to order. Ship from warehouse within 6-8 weeks.
8″ – Made to order. Ship from warehouse within 6-8 weeks.

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A vibrant new tile series from Ayse Design: Valladollid Series

The inspiration comes from the town it was named after – Valladolid in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It’s a magical town that still preserves its Spanish and Mayan culture. The streets are quiet, the walls are sun splashed and everyone you meet feels like they are from a time out of place.

It’s rich, lush and tropical. That’s because the jungle is relentless. It makes it extra special to discover a Jaguar temple or Spanish convent carved out of the overgrowth. The colors seem to shimmer in the heat. Oh, and it’s really hot. And that’s the perfect excuse to spend the afternoon diving into crystal clear underground pools or as they are called here: Cenotes.
The tile designs represent all of the competing elements in Valladollid. From the depth and color of the wildlife to the Spanish culture and the Mayan heritage. It’s a line of tiles that has a story to tell.

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4", 8"


High Gloss Relief