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La Lotería Mexican Bingo

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Mexican Lotería Tile

We source the Mexican Lotería Tile handcrafted tile set from Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico. In fact, the small town just outside of the historic San Miguel de Allende is one of the strongholds of Primavera clay making. Clay Imports stocks this handmade tiles in Austin, Texas.

What’s Mexican Lotería Tile?

Did you know that the iconic Mexican game Lotería has its origins in Europe? Spanish colonists introduced this game to the New World. Lotería is often referred to as “Mexican Bingo” and is indeed similar to American Bingo. However, Lotería generally is more visually and intellectually engaging than the American Bingo game. In Lotería, the announcer gives an improvised short poem or familiar phrase alluding to the image on the card. Each player uses a chip, often a pinto bean, to mark the corresponding spot on his or her “tabla”. The first player to appropriately fill the tabla in a predefined pattern will shout “Lotería!” to win the game and receive the prize!

Read more about the History of La Lotería by Teresa Villegas.


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3" x 4"


Matte Relief

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