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Juice White Clay

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A brighter version of the Juice Black, the Juice White is like a perfectly tailored tuxedo; classic and modern. It is versatile and has a practically infinite number of configurations. Gracefully neat and tidy. Easily conforms to many aesthetics.

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Clay Import’s Encaustic Pattern Clay Tiles were developed for those interested in the look and feel of a handmade tile without the issues of staining and constant sealing. Whether your style is modern, traditional or contemporary, this is a great option for your project, a well crafted handmade tile with a classic look and low maintenance.

Not only are Clay Import’s Encaustic Pattern Clay Tiles easier to care for than popular cement tiles, they are also significantly easier to installer. With a tile body thickness of only ½” and an overall size tolerance of less than 2 mm, this tile can be played using conventional materials and methods. Furthermore, due to the thin tile body, Clay Import’s Encaustic Pattern Clay Tiles are highly compatible with transitioning to other flooring materials.

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1.4 lbs


Semi Gloss


1 square foot = 2.25 pieces