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Hourglass Table White

$140.00 per piece



This eye-catching equipal table is the perfect combination of traditional and modern design. At 18 inches tall, it works great as a seated table and staging area for an arrangement of books, photographs, or even a cocktail within arm’s reach.

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Width: 14 5/8” Depth: 14 5/8” Height: 18”


10 lbs


Leather, Rosewood

Care and Maintenance

In order to maintain the furniture’s high-quality, we suggest regular applications of leather conditioner and wood-furniture polish. If your leather gets scratched and you’re not going for the aged look, we have touch-up paints available to repair those subtle damages. Lastly, if your equipal gets wet, avoid drying it in the sun. Instead, let it dry slowly indoors or in a shaded area.


Equipal furniture should be used indoors or in covered outdoor settings. Avoid exposing the furniture to regular direct sunlight, rain, humidity, or cold temperature. Whether you decide to employ our furniture indoors or outdoors, in a house, restaurant, or resort, rest assured that it will set the stage for an exceptionally pleasing experience. Our New School Equipal furniture can transform any setting into a cozy, attractive space.


Our New School Equipal Collection is suitable for both residential and commercial use. If placing
an order for a commercial project, such as a restaurant or bar, please contact a Clay Imports sales
associate. We will gladly review your order details and ensure that you are purchasing the most
appropriate items for your project.